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Mumbai Welcomes India’s First-Ever Virtual Reality Cinema

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We, as a country, are obsessed with everything related to the word ‘cinema’. So, when the news of the opening of the first virtual reality (VR) theatre comes in, and that too in the city of dreams, Mumbai, we cannot keep calm!

Virtual reality sets allow you to watch stuff in a way that is close to reality and gives you a mind-blowing experience. Using these head-sets, you can watch a 360-degree view of a film — it feels like you can almost touch the characters. It is a personal experience that only you, individually, get to be a part of. You can even rotate your seats to adjust your view and make the best out of it. You no longer have to sit on those fixed seats, looking at the single screen in front of you.

Bombay Art Society in Bandra will be the host of these head-sets that will change the way we watch movies. Enlighten, the company that is known for introducing technology into the various facets of our lives, has brought these VR sets to the current space.

They are starting with a few English and other foreign language movies for now, and once the buzz hits, they will up the investment. These shows will be screened in a separate space on Sundays and you can book your tickets on Book My Show.

The first VR theatre in the world was inaugurated last year in Amsterdam, and to get one in India so soon is pretty amazing and just goes to shows how we’re, slowly but surely, becoming more technologically advanced!


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