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UP Bus Stations To Now Have Breastfeeding Kiosks For Mothers. Still No Idea Why Women Must Hide But It’s A Start!

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Like any other average Indian 23-year old living with her parents, I too have a very basic and relatable morning routine. One that doesn’t start with a cup of tea in bed, but with my mother shouting at me from the kitchen about how I am already running late. You see, my mother believes, and I too agree, that the most effective way to get any work done is by constant nagging, up until the point the other person decides to do it for their own peace of mind. A trick that may have worked for all the new mothers, who after their constant efforts to spread awareness about breastfeeding in public, have finally begun to see some change. Starting with Uttar Pradesh. The state has recently announced setting up cubicles at all bus stations to help women feed their babies in peace and protection.

UPSRTC Managing Director, Raj Shekhar shared in a statement how, “The need and requirement was very much felt by the UPSRTC in the last few years. Now looking into the importance and the requirement of this, the UPSRTC board has approved the project of setting up of Breast-Feeding Cubicles/Kiosks (Baby Feeding Cubicles) in each bus station of UPSRTC.”

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The aim, as shared, for building these cubicles is to eliminate the embarrassment that young mothers often face at the hands of people who don’t understand the need and importance of a mother being able to feed her hungry child without causing discomfort. Initiated under a public-private partnership, the government is looking at constructing these cubicles in 23 out of the 242 bus stations in UP under its first phase. The remaining are supposed to be constructed within a span of 3 months.

The UPSRTC Managing Director, Raj Shekhar also went on to share how the kiosks will be made of lightweight stainless steel that could be swiftly assembled, installed or shifted to other locations. They are expected to be of a 40×40 mm dimension, with 8mm thick support plate. The cubicles are said to have enough space to change diapers of children and will be equipped with LED lights and fans to make the process comfortable.

And in what is definitely irony, it has been shared how the pattern of such cabins has been inspired by smoking rooms in airports. It was only a while back that actress Chhavi Mittal had questioned why smoking is allowed in public but breastfeeding isn’t. Guess her word has been taken seriously for we are glad we can see some concrete change being brought in to tackle this problem.

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