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#HauteSounds: Wake Us Up Before You Go-Go

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This Christmas turned a little sour with the news that one of the most iconic musicians that the world had ever seen was no more. George Michael, 53, the pretty boy who later turned out to be a pop sensation, breathed his last on December 25. Interestingly, in the 1980s it was on Christmas day that he formed the band Wham! with his classmate from Kingsbury, Andrew Ridgeley. The duo went on to give us major hits like Wake Me Up Before You Go-GoEverything She Wants, and, of course, Last Christmas. Who knew that this would indeed be his last Christmas.

He gained immense success through Wham! and his solos, which have been playing on loop at every party for decades. Before making it big, George played Beatles songs in London’s underground, making every commuter tap their feet as they went by. Throughout his life, he was an active part of many charitable organisations and was always trying to make a positive change. Faith, Father Figure, Monkey are just a few names in the endless list of his songs that made our childhood special. His songs were conversations that we needed to have with ourselves, they gave us direction, made us bold, and urged us to take risks. I Want Your Sex was a song that was ahead of its times, and even though it received much flak and was banned on many radio stations, it still stayed at the top of the charts for quite a while. Yes, he has gone too soon, but he has left with us a plethora of music that we have to treasure and keep it alive, for generations to listen.

As social media flooded with RIP messages, I realised he was more than just another name in the industry — he was an era that has, unfortunately, come to an end. He taught us how to love, how to desire someone with all our might, and if we really want to give him a true tribute, we should just hold on to the person we love and tell them so.

But, for now, we are going to be playing his songs on repeat, and especially these 10 that have clearly been a class apart! George Michael, you were and will always be -a legend.


1. Last Christmas


2. Careless Whisper


3. I want Your Sex


4. Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go


5. Father Figure


6. Monkey


7. Praying For Time


8. Freedom!


9. Faith


10. The Edge Of Heaven

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