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I Tried Sexting For The First Time And This Is What Happened!

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There are certain things that are common to every relationship, and one of them is intimacy. Now, if you meet regularly or go out on dates often, it is comparatively easier to keep the romance alive, but when your partner lives miles away, well, it’s a task.



Now, I’m one person who cannot even flirt, let alone sext. So, when my boyfriend went to the other side of the world, I had no option but to try and get kinky with messages. And it was interesting. Very, very interesting.

To give you context, he was a pro at it and that freaked me out. Anyhoo, here’s what happened.

A week had gone by since he had moved away and being the emotional mess that I am, I  started having bizarre thoughts about him sleeping with every girl in sight. Yup, that’s how paranoid I can get!

So to keep the above mentioned event from happening, I decided it was time to get sexual… digitally.



After hours of surfing the net, subtly taking tips from friends and even watching a few videos (okay, that slowly turned to me binge-watching cat videos), I finally sent THE text to him.

“Hi, wish you were here. Really missing you tonight.” *winking smiley*

Okay, I agree it was nothing dramatic, but in my head it was. Then the waiting period. Only much later did I realise that he was at work and wouldn’t check his phone till he got home.



Lesson No. 1: Time difference is a b*tch while sexting.

And he replied… when I was on my way to work. Just amazing!

His text was something like this: “Me too, baby.” Plus, some funky emojis that took me some time to decode. Once I did, I realised that those were the crux of him getting dirty. Such a facepalm moment, I tell ya!



Lesson No. 2: Emojis are important.

Still, I’ll never get how a brinjal can turn anyone on. Really, people?

Next thing I know I’m in front of my boss and he is sending messages that I would have liked to have read in the comfort of my bed with a little less clothes on me.

But to keep the game on, I sent him a few sexy messages that I admit I copied from the Internet. Sort of winged it, you know. I guess it worked coz when my phone beeped next, it was not a text but… uhmm… images.

And the legit fool that I am, I opened the chat in a hurry, without scanning my surroundings. Yup, my colleagues saw a little something… okay no, not ‘little’ but they did catch a glimpse and ended up blushing more than I did. The embarrassment – OMG!



Lesson No. 3: Be aware of your surroundings while getting kinky via text.

I somehow managed to go to the washroom to see how things can be saved and I tried, really tried, to you know… but nope, all I could think about is how annoying this is. Like, I wanted KFC popcorn chicken to celebrate this failure of an exercise and end this tedious task.

He had fun and that’s not fair, but hey, better luck next time maybe?



Lesson No. 4 – This one is a big one, so listen up! Firstly, attempt sexting only when you have ample of time, otherwise you will break the flow and end up being disappointed. Try doing it on weekends when you’re both at home.

Secondly, do it when you really want to, coz if done right, it is a lot of fun (for both) and can take your relationship to another level.

Think candles, sexy clothing and anything else that sets you in the mood.

My first experience was terrible, but maybe in some other setting, it would have been great. Will I do it again? For sure. Will I do it at work? Hell no!


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