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Sameera Reddy Takes The Idea Of Self Love During Pregnancy To A Whole New Level In A New, Fresh-Faced Video!

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Sameera Reddy is living her best life right now! The actress is very near her due date but she’s leaving back a pregnancy journey that will stay fresh in our memory for quite some time. The actress has been open about her maternity journey and how she has been her best self this whole time. She has been honest, raw and unapologetic about her opinions, fashion and embracing the idea of motherhood in the best way possible. In a new video shared by her, we can see Sameera fresh-faced and freely flowing hair, sharing a message about self-love and it is very pure!

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The video, shot by Varad Sugaonkar, talks about her overcoming issues with body image she had as an actress.

Set to an adorable background score and Sameera’s honest voiceover, the actress hopes to share the message of loving your true self. The size, complexion, it doesn’t matter, it’s about loving ourselves just the way we are. “Final lap of this pregnancy and I feel strong, excited, nervous and powerful. Mixed emotions in so much grace”, she said about her mental state. And that is such an important message… it’s okay to be anxious, but it is also necessary to enjoy the journey!


Sameera’s time being pregnant has been so soulfully captured by her and shared via her social media. It is not every day we see celebrities be this open about their private life. But given the fact that Sameera is all about self-love and brimming with a positive attitude about her maternity, we are so glad she shared!

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It is not every day that we see a beautiful, heavily pregnant, ready-to-pop lady do a glamorous underwater shoot! We can’t wait for Sameera to share her pearls of wisdom about giving birth and early childcare as well. She might have a few more days to go to welcome the baby, but is a mother already!

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