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#HauteSounds: Rihanna Stuns In Her New Music Video!

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If you’ve watched the new trailer for Star Trek Beyond, you’re bound to have heard Rihanna’s new ballad Sledgehammer, which provides an ideal aural background for the stunning visuals. The lyrics have been penned by none other than Sia herself. This song has been one among a slew of hits that Rihanna has been dishing out since January this year. Who can forget one of her most successful albums, Anti?

Only yesterday, the multi-talented singer released the music video for Sledgehammer and boy, is it powerful! Cleverly channeling the film for which her soundtrack was used, the music video takes place on a completely different planet. Dressed in alien-like robes and exaggerated makeup, Rihanna belts out the tune as she stands in a desert with the galaxy spread out above her. As the song picks up pace, the singer can be seen floating into the air, engaging with a glowing orb, and multiplying before she finally blends in with the galaxy.

Sounds strange? It might seem so initially, but there is honestly no better way in which to picturise this number. The video is a perfect match to the song itself. It does complete justice to the sultry, almost ethereal quality of the music. The chorus is powerful and made more so by the thousands of battleships and pink and purple neon lights flashing throughout the video. Two years ago, Rihanna had tweeted “You’re just another brick and I’m a sledgehammer”, which means that she’s been working on this song right since 2014!

Check out the video above and tell us what you think of this intergalactic audio-visual experience in the comments below.


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