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Ramya Krishnan Captures The Essence Of Jayalalithaa Better Than Kangana Ranaut. We Think ‘Queen’ Might Trump ‘Thalaivi’

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It is not uncommon in cinema for more than a couple of actresses to play the same historical figure on the screen. More than five different actresses have brought the character of Queen Elizabeth II to life in movies and TV shows, each one bringing her own sense of charm and beauty to it. While a breakout talent like Claire Foy was a genius pick for QE2’s early years in Netflix’s The Crown, veteran actress Helen Mirren bagged herself an Oscar for her portrayal of the same in The Queen (2006). However, when there are two or more actors playing the same character  there are projects based on the same person coming out very close to each other, and one of them looks so much better than the other. This is where we can’t help but draw comparisons.

Which brings us to today. The poster for Ramya Krishnan’s MX Player web-series Queen, based on the life of the former chief minister of Tamil Nadu, the late J Jayalalithaa, dropped today and we cannot help but marvel at it. The teaser for the same was released a couple of days ago and the cinematography looks appealing. But the one thing that struck our fancy the most was how perfect Krishnan is for this role. We are also willing to say that Krishnan’s take on this will be much better and Kangana Ranaut’s Thalaivi.

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The Resemblance

Although we have only been exposed to glimpses of Ramya Krishnan’s look as Jayalalithaa, we can already see the stark resemblance. According to the show makers, the series will be divided into segments. It will draw focus on her life as a student, a teenager, and the phase in which she joined politics, taking over MG Ramachandran’s place after his passing. The poster reveals Krishnan in a white saree with the ADMK tri-colour border is classic Jayalalithaa. Even with her prosthetic makeup on, the creative team behind this project seem to have relied on Ramya’s natural talent at capturing the essence of a character, rather than adding layers of makeup and a fat suit. The age appropriateness, experience, craft and background of Ramya makes her far more suitable for the role as well.

The Minds Behind The Project

Helmed by National Award-winning Gautham Vasudev Menon and Prasath Murugesan, the screenplay has been penned by Reshma Ghatala. The series is intended to be a semi-fictional take on the politician’s life. Real-life instances presented as dramatised versions of themselves. We appreciate the involvement of a woman in telling this story. After all, Jayalalithaa happens to be an inspiration for many women worldwide. It will help authenticate her experiences on screen while keeping things real.

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The Extended Timeline

We often wonder how the life story of an influential personality can be wrapped up nicely in a 2-hour biopic. The pros have done it before but it makes sense to deep dive into that person’s life, in order to do justice with their legacy. The first season itself is made up of 11 episodes, with more seasons scheduled to follow. We are excited to see the unconventional journey a woman in the entertainment industry had to embark upon to become one of the most respected leaders in history.

The twitter-sphere had a lot to say about this as well:

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Who are you more excited to see portray Jayalalithaa? Let us know!

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