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#HauteSounds: A Classic Tale Of When North Meets South

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In 2010, when Khalid Ahamed (vocals) and Kashif Iqbal (guitarist) — childhood friends from Srinagar — reunited in Bengaluru, they knew that their passion lay in music. They started creating music together inspired by things they saw around them in college, among friends, and from the various follies that youth brings with it. A year later, they were joined by Fidel D’Souza on bass guitar and Sachin Banandur on drums. Together, they came to be known as Parvaaz, which means ‘rising’ or ‘flight’ in Urdu.

The band performs psychedelic rock music accompanied by soulful beats and it’s no wonder they’ve fast gained popularity for their mellow sound. Their Kashmiri influences are obvious: though Urdu lyrics come naturally to them, they also use Hindi and Kashmiri words to elevate their songwriting. Beparwah, Gul Gulshan, Aaj Ki Subah are some compositions that have became major hits with fans. In fact, the band survives on crowdfunding. They feel it is very important for them to connect with the people who are eventually going to listen to their music, and the best way to do that is through crowdfunding sources. Dil Khush, their first single, came out in 2011 and their debut album Baran was released in 2014. Next, you can catch them live on February 11 during the Udaipur Music Festival at Gandhi Grounds. Or follow them on Facebook to know if they’re hitting your city in the coming months.

It has been 6 years since this indie band has been around and it’s time that they get more recognition, don’t you think? If you enjoy music that’s upbeat but not noise, this band is your answer. Listen to Beparwah below and if you like it, go ahead and hear all their tracks on repeat. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!




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