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Nirbhaya Case Update: The Convicts Continue To Evade The Noose. Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied.

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The entire nation is awaiting the hanging of the Nirbhaya convicts, since the past seven years and now that we came so close to it happening, our patience is flickering. We believed we were on the brink of their damnation, their hanging which was supposed to happen tomorrow morning at 6 am, has been postponed indefinitely.

The convicts Pawan Gupta, Mukesh Singh, Akshay Singh and Vinay Sharma will not be hanged until further orders. “The death warrant has been cancelled and no new date has been given,” said AP Singh, the lawyer representing one of them. In a desperate attempt to delay the justice and buy some time, Vinay Sharma applied a mercy petition. And even if the President rejects it today, they cannot be hanged for another 13 days as per law. However, given the long procedure, it’s not likely that it will even reach the President today.

The law states that all convicts of the same crime have to be hung together. Which is why, until a decision on Vinay’s mercy plea is made, nobody is getting the hanging they deserve. In fact, the convicts have been toying with our legal system as one by one they are delaying the hanging using this loophole. Earlier, they were sentenced to get hanged on January 22nd but due to Mukesh’s mercy plea, it got delayed and postponed to 1st February, as it got rejected.

Going by the pattern, it seems like on the 13th day another convict will apply for the mercy petition and justice will just keep getting delayed or denied – we don’t know yet. The Government has pleaded the Supreme Court to consider making amendments because our judicial system is filled with loopholes that such convicts use to their advantage. The Supreme Court agreed to consider the plea.

The convicts have been desperately trying to save themselves from the death sentence while they didn’t even think twice before raping and brutally ending the life of Jyoti Singh. “He challenged me…he said there would be no hanging,” Nirbhaya’s mother wept and told the reporters. She further added, “I have been sitting here (in the court) since 10 am. If the court wanted to spare these criminals again, then why take so long? Why make us sit and hope for so long? We waited all this time, with hope… why not send us home?”

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I can’t believe these lawyers who are trying to save the lives of such heinous monsters. All we want is for them to be wiped off from this face of earth and we can’t wait any longer. When will all this end?

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