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10 New Fiction Books To Get You Through The Hot Summer Days

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Though the weather outside doesn’t determine whether or not you should read, the summer months just mean a lot of lazy time. And the best way to not waste those precious hours is to pick up a book and lose yourself in it.

It is a pain to travel in this heat to work, day after day, and the only thing that takes my mind off the commute and the never-ending traffic is a book. A book with a gripping, interesting story that transports me to the world that is so free of all this mess.

One that gives me a chance to be in the snowy regions or in the rainforests, or both, and for that sometime, relieves me of this sweaty disaster.

Do books do that to you too? If yes, then keep scrolling and check out this list of new fiction books that will MAKE your summer a hella lot fun. And comment below to let us know what your faourite summer reads are. 


Best Summer Books_Hauterfly

72 Hours (Rs 425 – Paperback)

1. 72 Hours — Bella Jewel

Find out what happens when ex-lovers are thrown into a do-or-die game that they have to play for 72 hours. Their passion, the love, the chemistry all return almost expectedly and their romance will help them through the fatal game. Or maybe not.

High on mystery and romance, get just the right amount of lovesick this summer with this novel. Trust me, your fingers will be crossed right till the very end.


Best Summer Books_Hauterfly

The Idiot (Rs 960 – Hardcover)

2. The Idiot — Elif Batuman

WRiter and journalist Elif takes us back to 1995 in The Idiot. Meet Selinm who has just started studying at Harvard and has befriending from other nationalities. She is exposed to new experiences and adventures that she was previously so unaware of.

A summer in Paris, a Hungarian first love, and a Siberian best friend, Selin will take you on a journey on not only finding yourself, but inventing a new, better you.


Best Summer Books_Hauterfly

Mississippi Blood (Rs 1,142 – Paperback)

3. Mississippi Blood — Greg Iles

A New York bestseller, this is the perfect conclusion to the Natchez Burning trilogy that has kept readers at the edge of their seats for 7 years. Penn Cage, as a character, has evolved with us and the end game is near for him and his family.

Get ready for shocking revelations and unexpected endings that will be worth the wait for sure.


Best Summer Books_Hauterfly

If Not For You (Rs 1,270 – Paperback)

4. If Not For You — Debbie Macomber

If you are in the mood for an emotional rollercoaster ride, pick this novel and you will not be disappointed. It will make you realise that whatever happens, happens for a reason. Even the mistakes that you make.

Join Beth as she goes through what all of us do, and in no time you will be surprised by how much you can relate to her. Heartbreaks, family issues, accidents, and more, this story is everything in one.


Best Summer Books_Hauterfly

All By Myself, Alone (Rs 440 – Paperback)

5. All By Myself, Alone — Mary Higgins Clark

Coming from the #1 suspense writer, Mary has given us a gem. Get onboard a cruise where a lot of shit is about to take place. Three days in, and a high profile lady is found dead with her expensive necklace missing. And the suspects are aplenty!

Solve, unravel and find out who is the murderer and why they did what they did!


Best Summer Books_Hauterfly

Edgar & Lucy (Rs 991 – Hardcover)

6. Edgar & Lucy — Victor Lodato

Eight-year-old Edgar is unaware of many secrets and has no idea how the events that have happened in the past are affecting his present, and will keep doing so in the future.

The people he meets are going through their own tragedies and he starts following a path that is way to dangerous to keep up with. It is then on his mother, Lucy, to save him. This book is all about your family, love, and the relationships that stay, no matter what.


Best Summer Books_Hauterfly

What It Means When A Man Falls From The Sky (Rs 837 – Paperback)

7. What It Means When A Man Falls From The Sky — Lesley Nneka Arimah

A collection of short stories that revolve around family ties, the bond between a couple, lovers, and friends in general. They are stories about a place that people call home.

Touch your humanistic roots with these stories and yes, weep a little.



Best Summer Books_Hauterfly

Marlena (Rs 837 – Hardcover)

8. Marlena — Julie Buntin

When one person becomes your everything — and no, it is not a romantic relationship but more than that — it is about friendship. What happens when that person dies and the body is found, drowned in icy water near the woods? Your life shatters.

Marlena is dead and it affects Alice’s life more than she had imagined. Why? Read to find out!


Best Summer Books_Hauterfly

Exit West (Rs 926 – Hardcover)

9. Exit West — Mohsin Hamid

Amidst a civil war, 2 lovers find solace in each other. They whisper sweet nothings to each other while there are bomb blasts happening outside.

Walk with them as they enter an uncertain and dangerous future. As they leave their homes, all they try to survive while trying to hold on to each other. It’s one love story that you HAVE to read.


Best Summer Books_Hauterfly

The Thing About Love (Rs 735 – Paperback)

10. The Thing About Love — Julie James

Imagine this: 2 FBI agents who have had a past when they were at Quantico, and then separated only to hate each other. Six years later, they are assigned the same project and there is no option but to stick together.

Sparks? Rivalry? Thrill? Love? Mystery? All of this and more in this novel that you won’t be able to stop reading.


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