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Now Netflix While You’re On The Go!

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2016 started on a pretty exciting note when it was announced that Netflix will now officially be available in India. To say we went crazy would be an understatement. Suddenly, our lives got cooler and waiting for the weekend got worse. Then the year went on to be, well, whatever it was. But, the folks at Netflix are a happy bunch and want to at least end the year with a giant hug. Netflix now has a download option that allows you to, well, download movies or shows (duh), so that you can watch them later, without internet. Netflix God, wherever you are, we love you!


Netflix On The Go_Hauterfly


Earlier, it was all about having great WiFi connection and binge-watching our favourite shows. We would get really sad every time we had to travel, either by car or take the flight. Well, there was the option of streaming online and paying a huge amount, but #foreverbroke is what life has perpetually become. Now, just download, save, and watch whenever you want, even when there is no network. Of course, life isn’t perfect, right? The flip side is that this feature is available only on phones and tablets for now, and not on laptops.

Long train journeys are going to be so much more bearable and you won’t have to give up on watching Orange Is The New Black when you are out of town! With the holiday season coming up, this is the perfect gift. Update your Netflix to the latest version and chill! Meanwhile, this is us:

Netflix On The Go_Hauterfly


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