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7 Reasons To Love Your Period (And Child-Bearing Is NOT One Of Them!) 

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I don’t think I’ve ever met a girl who eagerly waits for her period every month. I mean sure there are times when we’ve hoped like hell we wouldn’t miss our period. But loving it? I don’t think so. The mood swings, the bloating, the cramping… it’s all, well, unpleasant. But like they say, there are pros and cons to everything. So, on Menstrual Hygiene Day, we’re going to give you 7 reasons to love your period. And no, child-bearing is not one of them!

1. It slows down the ageing process

Your period might actually be the reason women live longer than men. Excess iron increases your risk of heart disease and stroke, so that loss of iron you experience every month when you menstruate might actually be good for you!

2. It’s the perfect time for a high intensity workout

The perfect time to indulge in an high intensity workout is whilst you are on your period. The a drop in estrogen and progesterone during that time of the month helps you feel more energetic and pumped, which is all you need for a great workout.

3. It acts as a natural cleanser

Your period is like a housekeeper who comes in once a month, and cleans up really well. It helps you get rid of all the bacteria from the reproductive system, flushes out excess iron from your body, and lowers risk of cardiovascular diseases. So, welcome her already!

4. It’s a great time for sex!

While menstruating, your genital area is extremely sensitive, which can help you achieve insane orgasms! On top of that, an orgasm will release endorphins, which reduce PMS and eases those cramps. So it is a win-win for you!

5. It means your body is functioning well

That time of the month will reveal a lot about how your body is functioning. If your weight or stress levels are preventing your period from being regular, you will know if you need to change something in your lifestyle. Regular periods only indicate that your body is functioning just fine!

6. It makes you look attractive

As soon as you’re off your period, your levels of estrogen rapidly increase over the next few days. This causes your skin to clear up, and give you a natural glow. It also improves your mood drastically, so yay!

7. It’s a great excuse for self care

Periods often come with cravings — chocolate, ice cream, donuts, and everything that your gym trainer told you to stay off of! Well, this time the perfect time to love a little and indulge in all those cravings. Just don’t go overboard.

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