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#AgainstAllOdds: Major DP Singh’s Inspiring Story

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Inspiration is everywhere — you just have to open your eyes and see it. When you feel like the odds are stacked against you, that life sucks, and you can’t possibly take another step, take a breath and pause. Count your blessings — there is so much you have that others don’t and yet make the most of it. If you think the odds are against you, you haven’t heard the half of it. And to push you closer to your goal, whatever that may be, we bring you your Monday dose of inspiration in the form of Major Devender Pal Singh, India’s first professional blade runner.

Having fought at our borders, Major DP Singh is a true legend. During combat in Kargil in 1999, the then 25-year-old was hit by a mortar that rendered him lifeless — no, really, he was declared dead by doctors when he was brought to the hospital. But, fighting all odds and, well, death, Major Singh fought his way through and survived. Not only did he survive, despite losing a leg and a few vital organs, he went on to become India’s first professional blade runner, participating in countless marathons since his recovery. “Losing a part of the body does not lead to disability,” says Major Singh. “Losing the will to fight all odds does. Celebrate the odds and be the winner. If you wish to give up anything, give up giving up. That’s the message I want to give everyone. And that’s the reason I run every day.”

Not only has Major Singh risen from the ashes like a phoenix, he has also founded a support group and NGO called The Challenging Ones for physically challenged people and their families. This is an open and safe space for amputees and their loved ones to share their fears and challenges and discuss how they can be overcome. Major Singh also encourages them to work on their recovery, fitness and, like him, participate in marathons and sporting events.

Inspired by this amazing gentleman, Adidas, in association with Taproot Dentsu, has introduced its first-ever pair of shoes for para-athletes, especially blade runners, called Odds. Essentially, it is a pair of the same side footwear they need, rather than the generic pair that is sold to consumers. It is an ode to all athletes in the world who choose to run against the odds. No athlete is left behind, they say and they deliver.


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Watch Major DP Singh’s inspiring story above. You can get a pair of Adidas Odds here.



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