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Kangana Ranaut Is Looking Fierce And Fabulous In The New Poster For Dhaakad And We Wouldn’t Mess With Her!

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Regardless of all the drama that constantly surrounds her, Kangana Ranaut sure knows how to make a mark with her films! All the drama around Judgemental Hai Kya had just begun and she has already dropped the poster for another flick…an action thriller titled Dhaakad. The actress released the first look of the upcoming project on her social media and we have to say we are quite impressed. In what can only be described as a cross between Sarah Connor from Terminator and Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, Kangana’s action-star avatar is fierce!

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Bollywood has seen it’s a fair share of action heroines, but never in a lead role like this. It is certainly a treat to see a major A-lister touting huge machine guns and bloodied scars on a movie poster, a space usually reserved for the boys!

Post the success of movies like Queen and Manikarnika, it is safe to say that Kangana has established her niche of doing strong characters in the lead. Talking about the movie, she said, “After the success of Manikarnika, it has been proven that audience across the globe is loving larger than life films with a female hero. Dhaakad is not only a benchmark film for my career but will be a turning point for Indian cinema as well. The film is mounted on a large scale, is one of a kind female-led action film, and is apt for a Diwali release. If it is received well, there will be no looking back for women in Indian Cinema.”

Echoing Kangana’s sentiments on the increasing demand for female-led films in the country is director Razy Ghai. He said, “There is a big void when it comes to female-oriented action films. I haven’t heard of a lead heroine in an out-and-out action entertainer in a contemporary space. That’s why we wanted to explore this genre.” As for why Kangana seemed like the actor to pursue, he confessed, “She is an intelligent actor who understood that there is an opportunity to attempt something completely different. We are constantly having brainstorming sessions with her, and her ideas have further elevated the film. I’m not a fan of gravity-defying action sequences, so we will show realistic action. Since the film has many action set-pieces, we are looking at stunt coordinators with different skill sets. We have already met action directors from Hong Kong and Thailand for the Gun Fu [a mix of guns and martial arts] sequence.”, he elaborated.

These early details about the film are enough to get us on board with the project. It is exciting to see women on the screen be more than the “quirky girlfriend” or “supportive wife”. We can’t wait to witness Kangana’s body transformation for the role as well… imagine the abs!



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