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Kangana Ranaut Calls Bollywood Selfish For Keeping Quiet About Aarey. We Totally Support Her!

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The one thing we know about Kangana is that she doesn’t like being away from the limelight for too long. And that she loves her country. Now, put these things together and you’ve the formula for a Bollywood potboiler. Then again, Kangana has always given us fodder. But this time, she’s picked up a topic that’s being hotly debated and made some very, very valid points. And then because she’s Kangana, she went overboard and said some really unnecessary things as well.

Closely affiliated with the Cauvary Calling campaign which is aimed at preventing environmental hazards, Kangana spoke to the media on Thursday at a press conference held in JW Marriott. She talked about the BMC’s latest ruling which approved the slashing of as many as 2600 tress in Mumbai’s Aarey Colony to make way for a metro shed. She went on to say “What about the tress and the animals living there in Aarey Milk Colony. Preparations are on to destroy them in a similar way. If the trees are destroyed in this way in Aarey Milk Colony, then Mumbai will remain as a concrete jungle”.

While this issue is something every Mumbaikar should be worried about, when asked if she would appeal to her co-workers from the film fraternity to address this issue, Kangana replied saying she would want the media to set high standards for themselves since she has seen some very selfish people in this industry. “I think everyone should come forward to talk about Aarey Colony issue and I would like to urge the media to set high standards for themselves because I have seen very selfish people in this industry. They show a lot of indifference when it comes to our country and people of our country. I feel media and people of this country should decide to whom they want to put on a pedestal. I feel power should be given to those who don’t misuse it.”

As important as it is to push such a noble cause forward, we just don’t feel like it’s important to step on everyone’s toes to do it. Before Kangana put her point across, celebrities like Lata Mangeshkar and John Abraham had already expressed their discontent over the BMC ruling. Shradha Kapoor even took her protest to the streets on a rainy day wearing a T-shirt stating “Save Aarey”.

On the work front, Kangana is currently gearing up to play the role of the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa. She recently requested the filmmakers to change the title of the biopic to Thalaivi.

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