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Jameela Jamil Just Came Out As Queer But Not Everything Is As Colourful As It Seems

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As a brown woman myself, watching other ethnic ladies making their name in the world gives me a lot of joy. From actresses like Priyanka Chopra Jonas to industrialists like Roshni Nadar Malhotra, we are well on our way to equal representation in more spaces than one. A fellow melanin sister who I think is the most beautiful woman ever to walk this planet is British actress Jameela Jamil. Born to an Indian father and Pakistani mother, this leggy beauty is as stunning as she’s spunky. The 33-year old has been quite vocal about her role as an ethnic female working in the States, body positivity in the media and LGBTQ issues. Yet, she is on the receiving end of a very divisive criticism, which according to me, sheds light on the hidden exclusivity of the queer community.

While the community preaches love and acceptance, some of its spokespeople can be shockingly dismissive of new entrants. Jameela has been roped in as a judge on a show based on the New York ballroom scene; a piece of culture that is near and dear to the LGBTQ community.  This decision was criticized by members of the community, with  Transparent and Pose actress Trace Lysette commenting, “I interviewed for this gig. As the mother of a house for nearly a decade, it’s kind of kind blowing when ppl with no connection to our culture gets the gig. This is not a shade towards Jameela, I love all that she stands for. If anything I question the decision-makers,”.

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For Jameela, her inclusion is more than just about someone’s gender identity. She said, “I am just trying to use my platform and privilege to make sure important stories are told about groups that society needs to know about/accept/celebrate. I had concerns at first about joining as on-camera talent, as I’m not from the world of Ballroom. But to get these shows about minorities made, sometimes you need mainstream names that can bring their followers to watch and support shows. When this show airs this summer I hope you all love it and support this community with us. ❤️”

I can recall the time when British actor Eddie Redmayne made a comment about contributing to the conversation in the transgender community through his role in The Danish Girl, where he played one. The actor was trolled by members of the community for trying to talk about this as a straight man, negating his artistry in the role. We think it is counter-productive to exclude people from your cause, just because they don’t “fit” the bill down to the tee. The fact that Jameela felt forced to come out in response to this criticism is saddening, because there is nothing that can ruffle this woman’s feathers!

Jameela single-handedly took on the biggest Instagram influencers (including the Kardashians) to make advertising of diet teas and slimming pills to children on the platform a problem. Do you see that little *sponsored* tag on so many blogger posts on your feed? Yep, Jameela is responsible for that. through her advocacy, she forced the video sharing platform to make these ads non-accessible to children below 18, as it promoted tall claims and body image issues.

We love this absolute gem of funny woman and hope she doesn’t let the trolling affect her too much because her tweets are hilariously brutal and a ‘woke’ necessity in the world of fake news!

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