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This Instagram Trend Will Make You Crave Something Sweet

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Instagram is a wonderful place. Creativity abounds here. It has made many people and things popular, overnight. It is like the modern encyclopedia, where we discover new trends every minute. Among the various things that have started trending, courtesy the the social media platform, the food trends are the ones that win my heart over. If you are having a bad day, all you need to do is type cake on Insta and you’re set!

Sure, you may drown in guilt later for virtually gaining all those calories, but life is short, right? So, in that spirit, here is the latest trend that has been basically sent from heaven. Like, the Gods were in a fantastic mood when they invented this dish and made it viral. What do you do when you are in the mood of some ice cream, and macarons, but also a sandwich? You order something that has all 3 elements in it! Yes, the macaron ice cream sandwich is a thing and it is all over social media. So for your next birthday, cut a sandwich and not a cake.













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