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Hina Khan Looks Like A Proud Indian Desi Girl At The India Day Parade In New York. We Love What She’s Wearing

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Having been born and raised in a city like Delhi, one that for the longest time has not been known as just the capital of India, but the rape capital, you’ll have to excuse me if I feel less love and more hate for the current state of affairs. With the amount of hate and gender-based crimes that have been plaguing the country and the distress that the people face at the hands of the government that goes dormant on the most crucial matters, I admit to having my reservations about feeling patriotic sometimes. But at the end of the day, there’s also the good. The gingerly but definite steps towards women empowerment, the voice, the achievements, there are a few good things that make you feel good to be identified as an Indian. A feeling, that was carried by actress Hina Khan in New York, during the 73rd Independence Day Parade.

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Television star Hina Khan, who is currently making her ascent into Bollywood and also launched her debut film Lines at the Cannes Film Festival 2019, was spotted in New York during the 73rd Indian Independence Day Parade. And boy, was she a proud and pleasant sight to look at. Donned in a simple and smart saree, bringing her A-game as a desi girl, the actress was seen holding and waving the tricolour with gusto and looking quite happy doing it.

Sharing the pictures on Instagram, the glee and glory on her face was reflective of all the Indians back home, who like me, may sometimes forget about all the things that make India the great nation that it is. We, the people who will always hold our chin up, heads high and flag even higher when it comes to the pride of our motherland.

The actress wrote a heartfelt caption on Instagram that said, “Representing your country is always a pleasure and if you get to do it in one of the most powerful countries of the world .. well , there can not be a privilege better than that! Holding the tricolour for my beloved country.. I endorse the idea that India is in the U.S.A and the idea it represents, humbly appreciate the warmth and inclusiveness of the people and this great atmosphere. Jai Hind!” and it resonated deep within all of us.

Riding the India Day Parade Bus, Hina was a smiling sport during the entire event, rejoicing in the freedom of India with Indians and Americans alike, and honestly striking a patriotic nerve in everyone who saw it too.  This was her first India Day parade in New York, the first time a TV star has ever been called and she aced it dressed in a saree, a bindi and hair tied back in a bun, a fabulous representation of  the rich culture that India is known for.

We love her stripe-y saree and blouse!

On the work front, the actress is set to be seen starring in Vikram Bhatt’s next film, details for which are yet to be disclosed.

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