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#HauteSounds: Raja Kumari Is Creating Music That Every Woman Should Listen To

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A friend recently posted something on a social media site about a gig happening in Mumbai and the performing artist was called Raja Kumari. I had never heard of her before and a quick Google search later made me wonder why. She is one artist we all need to know about. And for those of you who love Hip Hop, she is your next bae!

An Indian-American, Raja Kumari, born as Svetha Rao, has embraced her rich cultural heritage and American identity, and has bought them together to produce music that will leave you spellbound. She was asked to change her name because people in the US found it hard to pronounce, but she stuck to it and that was only the beginning of her journey to stand out in the crowd. A trained classical dancer, she began her journey when she was 7 and then went on to study religious studies, holding on to her Indian culture. Having always been inclined to music, she soon became a songwriter and has worked with Fall Out Boy, Fifth Harmony, Gwen Stefani, and so on. Two years and a Grammy nomination later, she realised that she wanted to create music for herself, music that suited her style, her voice, and her views.

And that is what she did. Her debut album, The Come Up, has 6 tracks, each more intriguing then the next. With a beautiful fusion of Classical beats with Hip Hop, she has managed to bring together both cultures seamlessly. And it’s not just her music, her fashion sense follows the same path too. Denim jackets with sequined tops, necklaces, rings, bindis, maang teekas, jeans and heels.

She is fierce and powerful — one look at her will give you goosebumps, especially her striking eyes. Watch her video and make sure you listen to her perform live, at least once!



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