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#HauteSounds: The Stage 2 Singer Sharvi On Opening Up and Breaking Barriers

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It’s been just over half a year since Sharvi Yadav, the powerhouse voice that won English-language singing competition The Stage 2, has found fame and plenty more opportunities.

Among the first things she did was move from Noida to Mumbai, the major seat of the music industry in the country. She says, “Every day, I learn from a new artist. I meet so many talented composers and musicians. I feel like I’ve come to a place where I belong.”

She’s also become a part of the music industry, in a way, signing with artist agencies as well as working on her debut single in the coming months, which will release on Universal Music India as part of The Stage 2 winnings.

Until then, Sharvi, who is a commerce degree-holder, has been getting a hang of the music industry. She says, “As artists, we only think from an artist-oriented sort of perspective. When you sign with somebody in a way, you get business involved, you have to think from both those perspectives – business as well as art.”


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More or less a commanding force with a mic in hand, Sharvi has so far shown a side to her that’s both fierce, emotional, and laidback. But when she performs Radiohead’s Creep or Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You, it’s as moving for her as it is to anyone witnessing an all-heart-and-soul performance like that.

Sharvi chokes up just a bit when she’s talking about I Will Always Love You, which she performed in memory of her companion dog Nora. “Every performance I did was like a spiritual experience for me. Every performance, I used to go back in time and find that one instance where I’d relate to that song. I feel like I used to heal every time I performed that song, while imagining myself being in that situation again. I would feel elated after that kind of performance,” Sharvi says.

The voice that won The Stage 2 and is currently performing across the country has also opened up to dividing her shows between 2 identities – one of her own solo jazz-leaning project (called ‘Sharvi’) and another for corporate and covers gigs called ‘Sharvi Yadav Live’, performing Bollywood songs as well.

She’s often surprised when people tell her to stick to English or move to singing only in Hindi, though. Sharvi notes that while she’s got fame for singing English songs on The Stage 2, her first influences that got her into singing were Bollywood singers such as Shreya Ghoshal, Sunidhi Chauhan, and Sonu Nigam.

She adds, “If I make a song, I can sing it in English or Hindi, or Urdu, or Tamil – but the sense and feel of the music doesn’t change. I want this to hit people. Language is sort of creating a barrier in the music industry. Thankfully, people are opening up to it.”


Anurag is a Bangalore-based music journalist who spends his time looking for great music and rare Pokémon.

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