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#HauteSounds: Jose Gonzalez Is All Set To Perform In Pune Today

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We, at Hauterfly, love ’em Indie artists. There is something about these folk, raw, and soulful musicians that call out to us, and one such person is Jose Gonzalez. The fantastic song writer-musician from Sweden has been blessed with the effortless charm to win over anyone’s heart. His magnetic voice can put you in a trance, one you’re unlikely to come out of. And he is in India, for the very first time, for NH7 Weekender and will be performing live, today! Yes, we are as excited as you are.

He has managed to create magic with every track, be it Heartbeats, Stay Alive or Teardrop. Jose grew up listening to Latin folk and pop music that has influenced the way he works and composes tunes. With a humongous fan following for his folk band Jupin, he is now all ready to go on solo tours, after this short stint in India. He is well aware that there is more to our country and he has to come back for a longer period of time. Well, we’ll be right here waiting for him with bated breath.

Before you head out to the festival, make sure you scroll down to catch our top picks from his musical collection. A few seconds into his music and you will realise that his music is what you want to listen to on a rainy day, on a day when the weather is chilly and you’re wrapped inside your quilt, on a day when all you want to feel is peace.


1. Stay Alive


2. Hearbeats


3. Teardrop


4. Step Out


5. Crosses


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