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#HauteSounds: Harry Styles Has Finally Released His First Ever Single & We Want More!

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Any news about the ridiculously famous boy band, One Direction, you know, the one that stole all our teen hearts away, you can’t help but sit up and take notice. And when the news is about Harry Styles, well, we can’t keep calm.



After a long wait, the singer has finally released his solo, and though Sign Of The Times is around 6 minutes long, we still want more of it — or maybe that’s just me. Surprisingly, the sound is quite different from what his pop band is known for.

While Zayn Malik went for a more moody, heartthrob vibe with his single debut, Harry chose a different path. His track takes you back to the ’90s era of music, and is even being compared to David Bowie’s style of music — the ballad.

Sticking to the piano, this song brings out Styles’s vocal powers and makes you realise how beautiful his voice is without the presence of his band mates. Sounds like we’ve got a chart-topper here.

And guess what, there may be a second song, too! According to Billboard, Harry will be seen on Saturday Night Live with Jimmy Fallon on April 15, and is expected to perform Sign Of The Times along with a new track that is still under wraps.

Also, the music video of this track is going to be out soon, courtesy some serious helicopter stunts by the sensation.

Till then, give the song a chance and let us know in the comments below what you think!


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