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#HauteSounds: Harry Styles’ Debut Album Is Finally Out!

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When Harry Styles released his first ever track last month, we definitely wanted more, and guess what, he has fulfilled our wish. He released his debut album, complete with 10 tracks, on Friday, and of course, he is trending everywhere.



The cover of the album has him photographed in a bathtub with pink flowers, with his back to the camera, so although that could make for a great view, depending on your tastes, we suggest you stick to listening to the audio.

Although we got a preview of Sign Of The Times last month, live television performances of Ever Since New York and Carolina, and the release of Sweet Creature 10 days ago, the 6 new tracks still sound extremely exciting and will have you playing them on loop.

Moving on from the sugary, pop goodness of One Direction, Harry has proven that he has matured not only as a singer, but also as a lyricist. But then again, he has a team of 6 writers, so who do we credit for this? And there are speculations that the songs were inspired by his break-up. Ahhh… aren’t the best ones always?

Largely recorded in Jamaica, you will hear a mix of acoustic guitar strings, piano chords, old melodies, and some claps as well.

Listen to all the tracks here and let us know which one is your fave!

Personally, I have my heart set on Sweet Creature, which you can watch and listen to below. And according to the Billboard, there will soon be a behind-the-scenes documentary on Apple Music, which should be interesting. But, for now, we can only wait and watch. Oops, I meant listen.



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