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Google, Will You Marry Me?

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Dating is difficult for us millennials. Yes, we have our choices but we’re far from spoilt. Throw in bizarre modern day dating trends like R- Bombing, ghosting, orbiting and honestly, dating seems like a chore.

Now that we’ve exhausted all our viable options, we do what we naturally do when we have a have a problem and/or question – we turn to Google. Except, this time we try our hand at asking out the Google Assistant altogether.

Why Marrying Google Assistant Is All That

Because why not? Google has been more reliable and supportive than any of our previous relationships. Google has seen us through our darkest times, quite literally. From mapping us on the fastest route, to having our playlists ready for every mood, to hooking us up with everything at our beck and call, it fits the bill.

But it seems like Google India is a tough nut to crack, as they “really really reaaalllly” want to know why people keep asking the Google Assistant to marry them.

While many people replied to the tweet with genuine, straight-forward replies saying “Cuz you won’t get us a Google Girlfriend”, we think the true reason still remains to be that of hitting a stage where we’ve lost all hope and now we’re giving AI a go. How bad could it be? Right Google?


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