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12 Gift Wrapping Ideas For The Festive Season

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While my favourite season of all time is the monsoon, my favourite time of the year lies between September and December. Why? Well, because these few months are packed with every festival possible! It all begins with Ganesh Chaturthi and ends with the New Year. From shopping till you drop and dressing to the nines to handing out prettily wrapped sweets and gifts to your loved ones, these four months are really the best ones in the year.

Gone are the days when all you had to do was give your loved ones a sweet in the form of prasad during Navratri or a lone earthen lamp for Diwali. Today, it’s all about being bold and creative. There are so many people who have made careers out of gift-wrapping and personalisation of presents. It’s only fair then, to turn to them during the festive season for wonderful gift wraps and packages. Alternately, you can even scout around for beautiful printed wrapping paper and simple twine or bows, and do it yourself! Even if it’s dry fruits or laddoos you want to distribute, there are prettier ways of doing it.

This festive season, don’t be lazy. If you’ve purchased gifts or sweets to hand out to your near and dear ones, make them look stunning from the outside, too. Whether it is a simple white package with a pretty red bow or even gift wraps with an ethnic design, your options are aplenty. Scroll on for some amazing gift wrapping ideas and get inspired!



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