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10 Unusual Rakhis For 10 Different Types Of Brothers

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There’s nothing more precious than the relationship between siblings. To describe it one phrase, they share a love-hate relationship.

They torture, steal, fight, emotionally blackmail, take advantage, and so much more, but when the going gets tough, there’s no breaking that bond!

Raksha Bandhan celebrates that very bond that siblings share, traditionally brothers with their sisters. Although we are addressing the bhai (or bhaais in your life), this also extends to the sisters who do the same.

It’s a lifelong connection that they share, and hence vow to always protect and be there for each other. Every sibling bond is different, but there’s one thing that ties them all together, and that’s love.

Instead of buying the regular, traditional rakhis for your bro during these festivities, why not get him something that suits the relationship you share?

We know, we know, Raksha Bandhan isn’t here till the August 7, but you really don’t want to wait till the last minute to get him a rakhi, do you?

Here are 10 funny and quirky rakhis for the 10 different kinds of bhaiyas that you’ve encountered in your life — this is sure to bring a smile to his face this Raksha Bandhan!


Personalised Rakhis For Raksha Bandhan_Hauterfly

Archies Set Of Two Moustache Rakhis (Rs 499)

1. The Bada Bhai-Chota Bhai

Sandwiched between 2 brothers? This package of 2 mustache man rakhis are a perfect giveaway for your bhaiyas! This is apt for the duo that spends hours making your life hell, but when push comes to shove, they’ll be the gentleman their sister needs in a heartbeat.


Personalised Rakhis For Raksha Bandhan_Hauterfly

ToniQ Swag Wala Bhai Rakhi (Rs 630)

2. The SWAG Wala Bhai

Your brother is less of a brother and more of the cool bro? Then the SWAG one is apt for him. From giving you sound advice to treating you like an equal and letting you follow your dreams, this brother is one that is always by your side with all the funk and swag in the world!


Personalised Rakhis For Raksha Bandhan_Hauterfly

Engrave Personalised Engraved Rakhi (Rs 250)

3. The Dilwala Wala Bhai

This is the emotional one — you know, the kind who loves the thought more than the gift. That’s why you need to go a little all out with this one, and add that personal touch to it. Traditional with a touch of contemporary, this personalised rakhi will allow you to be by his side constantly.

Personalised Rakhis For Raksha Bandhan_Hauterfly

ToniQ Superbro Rakhi (Rs 630)

4. The BHAI Wala Bhai

Is your brother one to ALWAYS have your back? Are your male friends absolutely petrified of him? Well, then a rakhi that fits his supportive attitude is necessary. He’s the kind who will always be there for you, even when you don’t need him — protective, possessive, but an absolutely sweetheart.


Personalised Rakhis For Raksha Bandhan_Hauterfly

Favourite Brat Rakhi (Rs 300)

5. The Naughty Wala Bhai

This is for the chotu bhaiyas who are an absolute pain in the butt, but are actually adorable at heart. The one that always gets his way with your parents, he’s probably the reason why you didn’t want any more siblings. However, his cuteness at moments you need him the most makes you forgive all and want to cuddle him instead.


Personalised Rakhis For Raksha Bandhan_Hauterfly

Card Affairs Hello There, Rockstar Rakhi (Rs 300)

6. The Rockstar Wala Bhai

This is for the brother who locks himself in his room and either starts to sing, or play his instruments loudly. He’s probably why you you’re half-deaf at this point, but also from where your love for music stems. Whether he may be showcasing his talent outside or not, you, for a fact, know that he will always be asked to do it for EVERY FAMILY GATHERING. EVER. But you ain’t complaining!


Personalised Rakhis For Raksha Bandhan_Hauterfly

PropShop24 Gamer Bhai Rakhi (Rs 370)

7. The Gamer Wala Bhai

Moving onto the next type of bhai, the one who locks himself up in the room, or hogs the TV — thanks to his gaming console. The one who taught you how to kick ass in FIFA, Tekken, and Counterstrike, you hate the fact that you never get the TV, but you love that you get to beat him at his own games.


Personalised Rakhis For Raksha Bandhan_Hauterfly

ToniQ NRI Wala Bhai (Rs 349)

8. The NRI Wala Bhai

For the brother who lives far, far away and whom you miss very much. Yes, you do get the bathroom to yourself, and mummy’s love is focused purely on you…but you’d share that in a heartbeat to be with your NRI wala brother any day. The only great thing? You get ‘foreign’ gifts and free international travel…often.


Personalised Rakhis For Raksha Bandhan_Hauterfly

PropShop24 Car Rakhi (Rs 370)

9. The Driver Wala Bhai

“Drop me to the mall today, OK?” — this brother is the one who is your made-to-order chauffeur for whenever you want to step out of the house. You use him as your cover for late nights, or evenings with the boyfriend, and although he gets super annoyed for being your designated driver, he’d rather get you home safe, than be worried about you.


Personalised Rakhis For Raksha Bandhan_Hauterfly

Pipa+Bella 18K Gold-Plated Muscular Bro Rakhi (Rs 699)

10. The Muscle Wala Bhai

Jinka kamra room kam, gym zyaada lagta ho! Dumbells, weights, kettlebells — name it and it’s all in his room. Most of the time, he’ll be judging you for your food choices, he’ll be commenting on your weight gain, but dare if someone else calls you fatty…he will kick butt. Plus, you know for a fact that you enjoy his cheat days more than he does.


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