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5 Reasons Why Ellen Degeneres Will Always Rule Our Hearts

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If I had to nominate someone to be the President, it would definitely be Ellen Degeneres. That woman is goals of all kinds and then some. With every breath she takes, she breaks a stereotype. As women, if we need a role model, then look no further than her. From breaking the internet with her Oscar selfie to feeding pizzas at the show, she makes everything look cool. But here are a few reasons we absolutely love her!


Ellen's Dance Moves_Hauterfly

1. She Has The Most Epic Dance Moves

The lady has got some serious moves and every guest on her show has to dance, no matter what. Recently, it was Emma Stone who killed it on the dance floor with her. And look at Ellen — doesn’t she look adorable AF? Also, her sense of humour is fresh and unique, it never feels forced.


Stylish Ellen_Hauterfly

2. Her Style Gives Us #FashionGoals

Giving every style icon a run for their money, Ellen has sported looks that have trended and how. Her white sneakers, crisp suits, and that energetic smile have the power to warm anyone’s heart.



3. Her Beliefs Are Always On Point

She has changed so many people’s lives, without even meeting them. After every episode, she asks people to be kind to one another. She feels like a friend, even through the TV screen, you connect with her on so many different levels. She uplifts people and considers all people equal — such a refreshing ideology. According to her, there is no caste, no race, and no discrimination based on your sexuality or gender.



4. Her Kindness Is Inspirational

Celebrities should learn a lesson or two in kindness from her. She truly believes in giving back to the world and always puts others first, lending a helping hand to whoever needs it. In fact, she helps kids realise their dreams by providing constant motivation. Whether it’s giving away $10,000 to an under-privileged family or funding a singer’s career, she is a messiah in disguise.



5. She Is Synonymous With Bravery

Coming out of the closet some 20 years back, in front of the whole world, this 58-year-old woman has done things that takes a lot of courage. She’s faced a lot of hatred but has soldiered on and now, deservedly, has earned the medal of freedom from President Barack Obama. As Obama said, it takes a lot of courage to do what she has done and still make people smile.


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