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#HauteSounds: Drake Drops 22 Tracks In His New Album

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When Hotline Bling released, it became one of those classic pop cult classics. Drake had given us gem after gem, and our love for him increased exponentially over time. It also helps that the rapper is hot AF!

So, when your friend tells you that his new album is out and it is LIT, you listen to it and on loop. Drake launched his new project, More Life: A Playlist By October Firm, on Saturday on Beats 1 Radio, and is now available on Apple Music for us to listen.

Packed with 22 tracks, fans are terming it more of a playlist than an album. He has collaborated with various artists, including UK-based musicians Skepta, Sampha, and Giggs, and even with Kanye West for one of the tracks, Glow, which is already receiving an immense amount of appreciation for his work.

Peppy, up-beat, and definitely on your next party playlist, these tracks start strong and are each pretty different from each other.



And if you are wondering who the man on the album cover is, it’s Drake’s father.

But, all can’t be gold, right? He’s already being trolled for singing in a British accent for a few tracks. Are we complaining? Hell no! If there is someone who can pull off that accent, it’s him.

Plus, just 24 hours in and the playlist has broken all records by getting around 89.9 million streams! Read more about it, here.

Listen to his tracks here.


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