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What to Distribute Along With Your Wedding Card (And It’s Under Rs 700!)

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Picture yourself: what would make you happy to receive as a token along with someone’s wedding invitation? A mithai ka dabba, or something unique, like say a gourmet selection of something you might not have tasted before? That’s basically how your guests feel, so get them excited about your wedding with some cool, new-age gifts to go with your wedding invitation, and they don’t even have to break the bank. You can pick and choose and make customised hampers that suit your budget.


Wedding Invite Goodies_Hauterfly

Flavoured Nuts from Nutty Gritties

Not the boring kaju, badam, kishmish but exotic flavoured dry fruits, which look as yummy as they taste! Thai Chilli Mix nuts, Wasabi almonds, or Royal Kesar gur nuts — mouthwatering, right? Plus, their nuts are dry roasted with no oil, and they even have mixes with seeds!

Cost: Rs 650 for a box with 3 jars of 100 grams each. Price increases depending on the level of customisation and quantity.


Wedding Invite Goodies_Hauterfly

Customised Artisanal Chocolates from The Bombaykery

Artisanal chocolates with festive or customised wrappers are also a very good option to give with your wedding invite. After all, who doesn’t love chocolate? Bombaykery has amazing flavours like salted caramel chocolate, and peanut butter and jelly chocolates, which are handmade and super rich!

Cost: Rs 100 per chocolate bar. They offer customised wrapping at an additional cost.


Wedding Invite Goodies_Hauterfly

Precious Coasters from Vintage Notes Papery

If non-edible gifts are more up your alley, then coasters are a good gift along with the card. And when they look like this, then hell yeah! Vintage Note Papery does some beautiful coasters in materials like agate, rose quartz, amethyst, and even wooden platters, which look utterly precious!

Cost: Those pretty Agate ones start at Rs 700 per coaster.


Wedding Invite Goodies_Hauterfly

Breakfast Hamper from The Style Salad

Healthy stuff that’s packaged in an awesome way — breakfast hampers are the new way to go for wedding invites!

Cost: Rs 500 for a customised box, for an order above 50 boxes.


Wedding Invite Goodies_Hauterfly

Honey in Sachets from Honey Twigs

Honey in jars or sachets in flavours your guests have never tasted before? Now that’s something sweet and unique.

Cost: Rs 70 for one 80 gm box with 10 honey twigs. Price increases depending on customisation.


Wedding Invite Goodies_Hauterfly

Macarons from A Piece of Paris

Macarons look so happy — they are bound to make your guests happy too!

Cost: Rs 500 for a box of 5 macarons.


Wedding Invite Goodies_Hauterfly

Jams and Preserves from The Gourmet Jar

The most exotic jams, preserves, relishes, and marmalades in insane flavours — now if that doesn’t excite your guests, we don’t know what will!

Cost: The Mini Happiness Box (set of 5) for Rs 350.


Wedding Invite Goodies_Hauterfly

Cake in a Jar from Happiness With Icing

Easy, peasy, and oh-so-tasty! And so cool to look at too! This one has cool flavours like Banofee Pie, Chocolate Truffle, and even Tiramisu!

Cost: Rs 300 per jar.


Wedding Invite Goodies_Hauterfly

Granola Bars from Berry Hearty’s Granola

With everyone getting so health-conscious, this one is sure to get more bites than mithai! They have rebranded as Nature’s Feast by Neeti, but have some super healthy and tasty granola-related stuff!

Cost: Rs 40 per granola bite, so you can make a box of 10, granola at Rs 1,750 per kg, and cereal for Rs 1,400 per kilo.


Wedding Invite Goodies_Hauterfly

Aromatic Candles from Auro Candles

Another practical yet special gift! Aromatic candles in some delicious fragrances and amazing packaging.

Cost: The natural soy candle gift set featured is for Rs 650.


Wedding Invite Goodies_Hauterfly

Natural Bath and Body Products from Wild Earth

Natural and herbal products also make for great gifts with wedding invites — they are long-lasting and useful!

Cost: Rs 495 for their Wild Indulgence Gift Set.

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