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Dia Mirza Wants A Life Beyond Just Her Profession. We Want A Work-Life Balance Too!

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In this chaotic, fake world, Dia Mirza is like a breath of fresh air. She is the epitome of grace and beauty ever since she earned the title of Miss Asia Pacific 2000 and later she charmed her way to our hearts with her debut film, Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein. Dia Mirza recently announced her separation from her husband Sahil Sangha in the most dignified way and also revealed how Bollywood film offers started drying up after she got married five years ago! Well, Dia took that in a positive way too, as it made her more selective in choosing a script. The stunning actress who is mostly involved in taking up causes such as conservation, female foeticide and HIV awareness, feels that the fraternity is changing their attitudes towards women and the stigma attached to married actresses is no longer there!

Speaking on the same, Dia Mirza said, “Things are changing because actors are changing — audiences, makers, family dynamics are changing… expectations and stereotypes attached to women who are professionally active, are changing. Look at [actor] Neha Dhupia, literally two-and-a-half months after delivering a child, she was back to work. She is empowered and has the support system, which is wonderful.”

Looks like Dia Mirza has the best advice give, things that you could actually use. She said that the “the choices that one makes as a woman” are what matter the most. It’s very important to not settle for anything less than the best, she feels. “When a woman says ‘I will not agree to anything less’, ‘I will not say yes to anything that doesn’t celebrate my strengths’ or ‘give me the opportunity to explore my full potential’, that makes all the difference. Women today understand that we don’t have to live in boxes, and that we deserve a life involving fun, work and family,” Dia added.

Dia Mirza has always taken her time to decide on what to do professionally. “That’s because I get very invested with the things at hand. Also, I’ve reached a phase where I don’t feel the financial need to go out and keep doing too much. When you’re spinning all the time, doing too much, it burns you. It’s important to balance your priorities,” said Dia.

The Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein star says finding a balance is very important and speaking on her own career choices and personal interests she said, “I essentially mean there is environmentalism, there is the production company, personal life, professional commitments, hobbies and other interests to explore. So even if I’m doing two to three acting jobs every year, I’m more than happy. When I was offered this mammoth project, my role in it was so good that I was happy being a part of it.”

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The actress who was last seen in Sanju and also made her digital debut in Kaafir says that she will not sign any project blindly. “Only if there’s a good story that I absolutely love and if my character is well etched out, will I take it up. Otherwise, I’m happy with my life,” she concluded.

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