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Everything We Know About The Rumoured Coldplay India Tour

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Ever since Coldplay shot one of it’s super-hit videos Hymn For The Weekend in Mumbai, Indian fans of the band have been waiting impatiently for their official gig here. The video that featured Sonam Kapoor in a blink-and-miss role sent everyone in a frenzy! I mean, Chris Martin on Worli seaface! Are you kidding me? Plus, he also did an impromptu gig at Delhi last year with Vishal Dadlani at the Summerhouse cafe, while the rest of us sobbed in front of our screens, watching AIB (who was present there) post live feeds of the duo. Come on, we’ve been patient enough, but if one more fake group called official Coldplay tour comes up on my Facebook feed, I will go mad!


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There have been speculations as to where the Coldplay concert will take place, Delhi or Mumbai, and if the good people at Mumbai Mirror are to be believed, it will happen in Mumbai on November 19. Predicting a huge turnout, MMRDA grounds seems to be the likely choice for the location of the event. I have to remind you though, no official announcement has been made yet. And I’m saying this while constantly refreshing the schedule page of the UK band’s site!

But that said, tickets for the concert will allegedly be available from September 12 on Book My ShowSo, 3 more days and we will finally know if this is true or not. It is going to be a charity concert in collaboration with the Global Poverty Charity, with which Coldplay’s front man Chris Martin is associated. And if you want to watch the concert live (duh!), you should start looking for someone who would be interested in buying your kidneys! That’s because the tickets apparently start at Rs 25,000 and go up to Rs 5 lakhs. Yup.


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Another rumour that is doing the rounds is that Bollywood stars like Amitabh Bachchan, Deepika Padukone, and music director A.R Rehman will also perform at the event. Also, Arijit Singh may perform with the band. And… the PM may grace the occasion. Well, that should be interesting!

Only time will tell if there’s truth to any of this.Till then I’m plugging in my earphones and listening to A Sky Full Of Stars hoping that this giant dream comes true.



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