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STOP EVERYTHING: You Can Buy Coldplay Tickets For 5k!

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As we all know by now, Coldplay is finally performing in Mumbai this November. The band is part of the Global Citizen Festival, which will take place at MMRDA Grounds in Mumbai on November 19, and Jay-Z will also be performing alongside some big Bollywood names. While earlier there were rumours that tickets would be priced upwards of Rs 25,000, then came the news that 80% of the tickets will be given away for free to people who complete a series of positive social actions.

But now it has been confirmed that you can actually buy yourself a ticket (or three). On September 15 at 12 pm sharp, early bird tickets for the concert will be sold for Rs 5,000 on Book My Show! (Cue loud screaming and sharing this article on your Whatsapp group with all your friends!)

Have you come back to continue reading the article? Right.

The tickets will be sold in four phases. Tomorrow is the first phase, and with each new phase, the prices will increase. According to Buzzfeed India, tickets in the other phases will be priced at Rs 7,000, Rs 10,000, and Rs 12,000. There will also be special hospitality passes at Rs 15,000 that will include food and drinks in the price.

With the amount of hype Coldplay’s concert has created, we can only imagine how inundated will be traffic. To avoid a crash, the BMS team will be implementing virtual queue management, which will help keep the flow of traffic under control. They will also be setting up a separate telephone extension for Coldplay fans to answer any queries about the six-hour long concert.

Ladies, it’s do-or-die if you want to get your hands on those precious early bird tickets, so be ready to virtually elbow out all the competition. May the force be with you!


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