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Chhavi Mittal Asks Why Breastfeeding Is Offensive But Smoking Is Not? She’s Got A Point

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Indians have a very crooked and selective sense of right and wrong when it comes to things that really do matter. For example, most people would most certainly throw a fit at the idea of public display of affection, but would not lift a finger if they ever see a woman or even a dog getting beaten up by someone. Similarly, we see people lose their calm and get on with their ‘chee chee‘ attitude at the sight of a young mother breastfeeding her hungry child, but are A-okay when they witness people smoking in public or drinking on the streets. Heck, we’d probably either ask them for an extra smoke or just wouldn’t mind them doing it at all. A realisation that recently dawned upon the South Indian actress Chhavi Mittal.

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Because a mother is so protective about her baby, it is hard to trust anyone with him or her. This also holds true for the many things that a new born comes in contact with. The innocent looking teddy.. "is it carrying germs?", the milk bottle.. "is it properly sterilised?", the formula we use (in case of top feeds), the linen we use, the clothes, etc etc… But one of the things that I totally look forward to with little @arhamhussein is the daily massage & bath. A lot of mothers ask me about what products I use for him, well I have used @themomsco from day one. I find the products gentle and have never had any issues with rashes or redness etc. Also, @arhamhussein has been asked to stay away from strong smells for the first 5 years due to the risk of developing any breathing troubles (it's genetic) and for that reason also I find @themomsco products great. Even the fragrance is gentle. In case of my elder one @areezahussein I didn't know the existence of these products (maybe they weren't even launched then) and I used many other things in my endeavour to find the right one for her. In fact, in one of my earlier posts I had mentioned a skin condition that she had developed due to over-drying, and this is when she ONLY used specially designed baby products. Hence, in my experience, the best of products sometimes have chemicals that can react to your baby's skin. So for @arhamhussein I decided to use only these all natural products from @themomsco . In fact, I even use these on @areezahussein now and she loves them! Although I'm not sure if these products are for 6 year olds but at least it keeps mommy and babies both happy 🙂 #mommyblogger _____________________________ #chhavimittal #baby #arham #blog #blogger #blogging #mother #motherhood #care #mom #new mom

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In an interview with Times of India, the new mother who rose to fame with her work in the film Krishnadasi, talked about the post pregnancy struggles, most of which centre around the concept of breastfeeding, which is still considered a taboo among people. She said, “Recently, breastfeeding week was going on. Breastfeeding is a beautiful thing between a mother and a child. It’s a bond that is impossible to break.”

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She continued saying, “Those 20 minutes with the baby is bliss. So I like that ‘us’ time to be secluded and with no one around. Yes, there are times when we have to step out of the house with the baby. Public breastfeeding should be allowed. If you are allowed to smoke, drink, abuse in public, why not breastfeeding? It’s the most beautiful and natural thing to do. All of us have done it at some point in time. Why shy away from it? A lot of importance is given to breastfeeding.” The only eyes breastfeeding mothers get are either the prying on personal space ones or cringing at the sight of it.

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Why the judgements?? Don't people get tired of judging others for whatever they do? I am a woman, a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, an actor, a writer, a learner, and an entreprenuer among many things. I have been judged many-a-times but the maximum that I have been judged is as a mother. Why though? A mother has failed if she doesn't exclusively breastfeed. She has failed if she goes to office and raises a child. She has failed if she takes help. She has failed if she sometimes feels exhausted. She has failed if she eats too much, doesn't eat enough, if she looks after herself, doesn't look after herself, if she has put on weight, lost too much weight, if she scolds her child, pampers him/her too much, if she speaks her mind, or stays silent.. and the list goes on and on and on… And it stings the most when a woman judges another woman, and a mother judges another mother.. I ask, why the judgements?? So today I only ask people to live and let live. It's a free world. Speak your mind, but remember… the freedom to do anything comes with a huge responsibility. So use your power to speak wisely, to bring a smile on a tired face of a mother, rather than bogging down an already exhausted soul. Who's with me? #judgements _________________________ #mother #mothers #judging #mom #moms #kids #children #baby #arham #chhavimittal #blogger #blog #blogpost #liveandletlive #bekind #kindness

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The actress then went on to say, “A lot of new mothers ask me what to do if they aren’t able to breastfeed their babies exclusively. I firstly feel that one needn’t stress about it. One should exclusively breastfeed the baby for the first six months as it’s important. But if you aren’t able to, due to whatever reason, then top milk is fine. I just feel stressing over it isn’t required as then you won’t be able to produce milk at all.” The fact that women have to even come forward to justify not just the emotional and physical distress of not being able to feed but also the biological aspect of it, is a shame on all of us who are making them feel this way.

It is about time, and it has been this way for a while now, that people get off their high horses and step out of their orthodox thinking to accept, accommodate and make mothers feel comfortable in raising and feeding their children. It is a natural and beautiful process at that, one that we have all had our mothers do for us. More power to women like Chhavi who are speaking up about it to normalise the culture and bring a change.

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