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#HauteSounds: The Chainsmokers’ New Single Is Here!

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When Closer hit the top of the charts, we knew that The Chainsmokers are the next big sensation. Drew Taggart and Alex Pall, two hot American DJs, took the world by surprise with their talent right from 2013, when they released their debut album Bouquet. After a good 2016 with Don’t Let Me Down and a few others, and various Grammy nominations later, they are out with their new song Paris and no, it is not about the city of romance.

Yesterday, when the latest song was released, everyone pounced on the track. It has Taggart as the lead vocal and resonates of their usual style of indie-pop, electronic music. Don’t miss Emily Warren’s (songwriter of Don’t Let Me Down) bit. The video that accompanies the lyrics is directed by Rory Kramer and has (many) shots of Instagram model Alexis Ren’s bikini-clad photos. The song is about a sentimental yearning for a reality that isn’t genuine or nostalgia, which is how duo describes Paris . Yes, they invented a new definition for the word.

Undoubtedly another catchy tune from a musical duo that is quickly becoming a unanimous favourite around the globe. Expect to hear this one at the nightclubs you hit this year. Watch the video above, hear the song, tap your feet, and let us know if you will be dancing to it any time soon.


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