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These Calligraphy Videos Are Trippy AF

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It’s Tuesday but we are still feeling the Monday blues. The hustle to give your best at work, every day, is real. Sometimes the pressure can break you and make you dig a tiny imaginary hole, and just stay there. In order to relax and calm yourself down from the ongoing drama, you can always turn to the internet. Yes, cat videos always work.

But this time we have something more beautiful, even trippy, for you — calligraphy videos. Words have a way of instilling a wave of happiness within you and, if they are written artistically, it’s like the cherry on a cake. Calligraphy notes make for the best gifts — simple yet so effective. And Instagrammers know that. In fact, there is an account called the Calligraphy Videos that has taken up the job of making kickass videos that have the power to relax you almost immediately. Don’t let your lack of talent in this field deter you — you can always watch them. On loop. And feel better.

Scroll on to watch your stressbuster for the day.












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