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10 Ways To Turn Your Room Into A Bibliophile’s Paradise

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When my friend recently told me that she got an apartment of her own and how excited she is to decorate it, I started day-dreaming about my own flat, albeit imaginary. What will be the colour of the couch, how will I drape the fairylights, how big will the fridge be, will I paint the walls or go for wallpaper? Questions kept pouring out my head and there was no end to this. But one thing I was absolutely sure of is that whenever I do own my dream home, it will be all about books. Apart from having a bookshelf full of amazing reads, the décor will be inspired by them. I literally want to read, breathe, and live with books — even in them if I could!

If you’re like me, a crazy bibliophile, then add a little something, if not everything, to your room to make it as beautiful as the words written in the books. Here are 10 very doable ways of spicing up your room  with a bit of literature.


Library Wallpaper_Hauterfly

Courtesy: Irastar

1.  Build A Makeshift Library

While we all dream of owning a library, it is not always possible (yes, being slightly optimistic here). A really cool idea is to dress up your walls with a library-inspired wallpaper and make it look like you are sleeping in one. You can print your design and put it up or purchase something from here.


Book Table runner_Hauterfly

Courtesy: Imbue You I Do

2. Your Vase Will Now Have Company

Table runners out of old vintage books? Yes, please. Staple or stitch a few pages together and DIY a beautiful runner. You can punch in a few designs or artistically cut the sides of the pages to make it look prettier.


cushion cover_Hauterfly

Courtesy: Quotes Gram

3. Sleep On Some Good Thoughts

Cushions and pillows can be personalised in any way you want. Want your favourite quote printed or a page from your fave book — go right ahead and do it. If you don’t have the time to do any of the leg work, then you can buy a quirky piece, like the one above, here.


Book Clock_Hauterfly

Courtesy: Shopclues

4. Reading Books Shouldn’t Be Time Bound

If you love reading, you don’t need a specific time for it, am I right? Whenever and wherever you get the chance, you pick up a book and get engrossed. Dress up your shelf or the side table with a clock that is made up of books. Trust me, you will never forget to finish that last page, ever again. Buy one like this here.


Book Frames_Hauterfly

Courtesy: Reader Service

5. Frame The Covers

Some books stay etched in your mind forever. You know, you feel like framing them and keeping them till your last breath? Well, you can! Literally, just frame the cover and hang it on that empty wall that is crying for some colour.


Books With A Lamp_Hauterfly

Courtesy: Love This Pic

6. Light Up Your Lives

We don’t like throwing our books away, but they can become a hassle to store, practically speaking. So, stack them up and put small lamp on top of them — and there you have it, your very own book lamp is ready! Another idea would be wrapping fairylights around them, making it look oh-so gorgeous.


Book Inspired Blankets_Hauterfly

Courtesy: Anthropologie

7. Cozy Up With Words

When you have your cushions set, why leave your blankie behind? Naturally, it may feel like a task to actually print something that big, but there are some cool websites that have you sorted. Buy a cute blanket with amazing quotes on it here.


Literary Headboard_Hauterfly

Courtesy: Design Everyday

8. Jazz Up Your Bed

Say bye-bye to the boring, wooden headrests, and welcome them literary feels. Magazine covers or parts of your favourite book — print and paste them on the empty part of your bed. Your room will instantly become magical!


Read Wall Decal-Hauterfly

Courtesy: Pinterest

9. Walls That Inspire You To Read

Turn a corner of your room into your reading nook and just stay there forever. Paint the walls with words and immerse yourself in the ocean of books. Or you can purchase a decal that will simply stick on the wall.


Book Pencil Stand_Hauterfly

Courtesy: Valore Books

10. Books’ Bestfriends? Pencils!

Keep your pencils, pens and all the other stationary in a DIY pencil stand, made from the pages of books! It is a little time consuming but the result is supremely satisfying. Stack up the pages of your book and glue them together. Make sure they are real intact. Then make a hole in the centre, big enough to keep your stuff in. That’s it — your cute AF stand is ready. You can also carry it to work and make everyone J!


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