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10 Songs To Get You In The Christmas Mood!

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Yes, we cannot keep calm as Christmas is only a few hours away! While we pick out our outfits for midnight mass and bake the last-minute sweets, the excitement levels are only rising with each passing moment. But, you know what makes the wait for Christmas worthwhile? The carols, the songs, and the music that gets us in that groove of welcoming December 25.

New or old, Christmas songs make you want to dance around the tree, donning Santa hats, all the while looking gorgeous. Hand in hand with friends and family, singing Jingle Bells or Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer, putting up Snapchat stories, and just having a merry time — that’s what this holiday is all about, right? So, here is a list of 10 songs, both recent and the classic ones, that you need to listen to, at least through this weekend, to feel all Christmasy. I think you can ditch the EDM and rock for a while, and indulge in some soul-soothing happy music!

And Christmas also means it’s the time to fall in love and slow dancing to romantic songs!


1. Driving Home For Christmas — Chris Rea

This one is so apt as most of us are on our way home or already home for the holiday week!


2. Last Christmas — Wham!

No Christmas playlist is complete without this classic. Even after some 30 odd years, this song hasn’t lost its charm.


3. Christmas Is Here — JJ Heller

From her album Unto Us, JJ Heller released this absolutely beautiful song recently, and it has me hooked. And as she rightly says — Even the hardest hearts cannot deny the magic in the air.


4. It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year — Andy Williams

Another gem, this one perfectly describes the happy season and what Christmas is all about.


5. Mistletoe — Justin Bieber

Yes, we have something for the Biliebers too! So, who are you going to kiss under the mistletoe this year?


6. All I Want For Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey

There have been many replicas of this song, but Mariah’s original will stay in our hearts forever and a day.


7. God With Us — We Are Messengers

Subtly reminding us why we actually celebrate Christmas and remembering Jesus in the most amazing way.


8. Jingle Bell Rock — Glee

The carol that we always tap our feet to and involuntarily shake our head to has tons of ways you can sing it in, but my favourite is how it was performed in Glee! Please to watch their Rocking Around The Christmas Tree cover, too.


9. White Christmas — Michael Buble

While Bing Crosby has made this song eternal, Michael Buble modernised it just a little, and has been quite successful, might we add. Wine in hand and a bonfire around, this is the perfect song to listen to!


10. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

Of course, this one has to be on the list.


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