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5 Reasons Why Beer Can Give You Shiny, Bouncy Hair

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I was in 10th standard, when I held a beer can in my hand for the first time, and the best part was that the one handing it to me, was my own mother. No, it is not a story about how my mother urged me to indulge in under-age drinking, which she may have in hindsight. Hmm. But we digress. What my mom didn’t tell me but a friend who must really love me did, is that beer could be used to wash hair. Of course, I stared at her in disbelief and checked if she was drunk. She wasn’t and washing hair with beer is a real thing.

As a matter of fact, beer is the third largest consumed drink in the world. Now here is the catch, while most people consume beer as a cold beverage on a night out with friends, there are people like us, who use it for a much better purpose – to wash our hair. Call us high maintenance or crazy innovative, the results are sure to make you join the cult. Here is why-

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Beer is enriched with a mineral called silica, that is one of the main ingredients contributing to the volume and thickness of the hair. Washing your hair with beer, helps you stock up on that mineral and in turn, leaves you with a better volume, over time, of course.

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Beer is also rich in other minerals like phosphorous, magnesium, copper, iron and vitamin B. All of which help in nourishing the hair and promoting better circulation of  blood to the scalp, further stimulating hair growth.

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The vitamin B found in beer, is essential in promoting repair for the damaged hair that is often a result of the heat we expose it to with our dryers and curlers. It takes care of repairing the damaged cells and gives your mane an enviable shine.

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Beer, when used as a shampoo, nourishes and conditions the scalp, driving away the occasional dryness or oiliness while maintaining the ph level of the scalp.

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The reason one gets a beer belly, is because beer is rich is sugars like maltose and surcose. But on the flipside, these very same sugars, help in tightening and strengthening the cuticles that prevent hair fall!

Cheers to that, we say. *burps*


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