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Apple Music Now Available On Android With iOS 10 Features

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There is a constant battle between Apple and Android to introduce the best features and attract the largest audience. While both have their pros and cons, something that changed the game was the introduction of Apple Music for Android, a few months ago. The app, though, was a disgrace with its limited features.

Apple Music on Android_Hauterfly

But that will change today, as the app on Google Play gets a much-needed makeover with an upgrade in features that are currently available on the iOS 10 Apple devices. Apart from the way it looks, the other features that come with the app are the consolidated For You, Library, Browse, and Radio sections.

You can now save songs to the library and listen to them offline, which was not possible earlier. The playlists have been curated by music experts and you also have the option to listen to the best artists, live or on demand. What’s more is that each song comes with the lyrics, so gone are the days when you hum just about anything to sync with the tune.

Available in 100 countries and packed with around 40 million songs, download this Mecca of music for your Android phone here. In the near future, the company plans to roll out TV shows on the app and only time will tell whether or not they can keep up the same high quality that Apple users enjoy on android devices as well.


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