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Amala Paul’s Aadai Is Set To Give Us An Outrageous, Liberated Leading Lady And We Think It’s About Time!

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As women who grew up in a selectively conservative culture, we all have that outrageous side to us that comes to the fore rarely but we certainly have it. Somewhere between play kissing our BFFs at a drunken sleepover to decking out in sexy clothes for a good time at the pub…our fantasies find their footing. But do we see that fantasy of being outrageous play out on screen? Not till now really. The most we’ve seen, where the character has pushed the envelope, is in DC’s Harley Quinn or milder versions of it in Kalki Koechlin’s highly underrated stint in Shaitan. All of that is about to be fixed because the South Indian offering Aadai looks like a mad fun ride. And taking the wheel of this ride…the often controversial but never boring Amala Paul!

Directed by Rathnakumar, the trailer of the film has gotten us excited. Aadai, meaning Dress, seems to be a film about exploring extremes.

Ever since its trailer release, netizens have been buzzing about the sheer theatrics of the film. We see the leading lady Amala talk about the naked body, piss off a bunch of people, engage in booze-filled debauchery… all while wearing some audacious costumes, full with theme makeup and fluorescent wigs! One of the main elements of the film that has been going viral is her passionate kiss with co-star VJ Ramya in a hazy nightclub. Speculations are rife whether the movie shall feature Amala as an LGBTQ character and if that’s true, we have our first queer icon in a fabulous Kanjeevaram saree and that’s just fantastic!

We are sure the film is going to disturb a lot of “culture ke rakhwale” in the twitter-verse. It might also offend conservative viewers who do not wish to see a woman in such a madcap role. But why should that stop anyone? Seems like Amala shares the sentiment. Speaking about her nude scene in the film, the actress confessed, “There were only 15 people on the sets. I wouldn’t have done the scene if I didn’t trust the crew. There will always be people who will judge the film before watching it. We can’t do anything about it. It was an honest attempt. It is a true film, and each film has its own destiny. So, who cares [about the comments]?”, she elaborated.

Regardless of the mixed reviews that the trailer has received, we are glad that a movie like this has come into our reality. Amala confessed in an interview, “I was telling my manager that I wanted to quit the industry because the synopsis I was receiving from filmmakers all felt like a lie. Yes, they were heroine-centric… but the concepts were simple. Like a rape victim, her struggling against the odds and gaining revenge, or a wife who supports her husband endlessly, or a sacrificial mother. I had no interest to be a part of these lies,” she said. Amen to that!

Check out the super fun trailer for Aadai and let us now what you think about it!


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