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Shah Rukh Khan’s Podcast With AIB Will Leave You In Splits

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If you ask me why I love Shah Rukh Khan (despite the debacle called Raees), I’m not sure I’ll have a really legit answer. And I’m pretty certain, for any SRK die-hard fan (like myself), the emotions are pretty similar. Look how I emphasise on the word ’emotion’. ‘Cause that’s just what he is…the way his eyes gleam when he talks or the dimple that shows off on his left cheek when there’s a hint of smile; or perhaps, his not-so-perfect teeth when he’s giggling — SRK is a phenomenon. Love him or loathe him, you cannot ignore him!

Forget physical characteristics, alright. I think it’s the earnestness in his voice, the humility in his demeanour when he meets just about anyone — something that shines through during this podcast interview with AIB. He makes you laugh and he can make you cry and, well, I had a darn good time watching this video, because this man actually managed to crack up his interviewers (4 in all!), ones whose jobs are to crack people up. Remember AIB and stand-up comedy, fellas?

Shah Rukh stole the show, like he always does. Maybe he was just supposed to, but to this degree, I’d no idea. Watch him bare his heart out in the wittiest way possible. He speaks to Tanmay Bhatt, Rohan Joshi, Gursimran Khamba, and Ashish Shakya — the infamous AIB gang — in his very own cozy library.


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