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You HAVE To Watch AIB’s New Video That Talks To Your Special Parts

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Whenever All India Bakchod releases a video, we know it will be epic. and their latest one is no different — in fact, it may just be their best yet. Why? Because you have Mallika Dua in a conversation with her private parts aka a woman’s besties — highly relateable, no?

No, it is not her going crazy and literally looking at her vagina and saying hi or wiggling her boobs to have a chat. Comedians like Kaneez Surka and Sumukhi Suresh actually play the characters of these best friends! With names like Vagayenti and Clitika, clearly they’re stating the obvious but we’re not complaining.

It is hilarious and has the right dose of reality. You will also get a sneak peak of Abish Mathew staging a sketch from their previous video, A Man’s Best Friend.

Watch how our regular bedroom conversations have been craftly revealed, and that too, in a way you would have never imagined, in this video directed by Tanmay Bhat. Also, Mallika Dua, you are awesome. No, really.


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