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A Hyderabad Institute Is Offering A Course To Make Perfect Dulhans Out Of Us And All Our Sanskaars Are Itching To Come Out

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It’s a funny time in the world. And by funny, I don’t mean that we have stand up comedians – I mean that we are living with extreme contrasts. On one hand, we are doing everything we can to empower women to become CEOs and Olympic medal winners – we are breaking glass ceilings and records with equal ease. Then, we have colleges of our country offering up “Dulhan” courses. Now as a 22-year-old girl, I used to be able to say I was educated having done my schooling, college and post graduation. Then, I came across this pamphlet from a Hyderabad institute that states that this college is conducting an ‘ideal bahu’ course and obviously I was thrilled, given my lifelong search to find a course that will make me fit to be a great wife material. And so on the behalf of my future family Id like to say thank you for ensuring I fulfil my life’s purpose.

This course is offering to turn young women into ideal dulhans by helping students to re-discover the value and impact of the family home. I really hope my parents don’t find this pamphlet because then the pressure is real, “Humari beti badi hoke dulhan banegi!” I must admit though, out of everything I thought I’d major in, as a 21st century girl, this course looks the most tempting.

It doesn’t end there, the syllabus of the course includes tailoring/sewing, cooking (obviously, duh!), home management, finance and budgeting (do you think girls are capable of this though?), beauty tips and mehndi, because how else will we entice our husbands into impregnating us?

This college also offers pre-marriage training (because no on wants a fat, incompetent wife), post-marriage training (maybe they’ll tell us how to keep him happy in bed) and best mother training (erm..what?). Look out divorce rates, you’re going down!

For a country where the women are leading space missions, we really don’t know what progress means. Women are acing in every field possible, time and again we have proven that there is absolutely nothing we can’t do. But, thanks to this amazing patriarchy and a few backward people no matter how high we climb we will always be reduced to pawns whose only aim in life is to keep their husbands happy.

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