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5 Ways To Get That Perfect Selfie This Diwali!

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When asked what the greatest invention by mankind is, everyone will surely have different answers. But the photo-addict generation that we are, the front camera is considered a blessing. Do we even remember the time when we had to turn our phones to capture the moment! Back in the day when we did have to do it, it was a disaster, and if someone managed to do it perfectly, he or she was considered to be a celebrity. With this mania, taking selfies has become as important as breathing, for some of us. There is not a day that goes without us making a pout or duck face, with our hands outstretched, trying to get the selfie that would leave the world speechless. To help you with that, here is a crash course on getting it right this festive season. After all, you will be all dressed up, so showing it off is a must! (Not that we need an excuse!)

1. Invest In A Selfie Stick

Save time and effort by buying a selfie stick that can assist you in taking a kickass picture. It captures not only your face but also the outfit that makes you look so pretty! And, it will be a relief for your tall friend, who has been forced to be the human version of it on every occasion!

2. Minimal Makeup

Don’t go overboard with your beauty regime. Let your natural beauty take over this season and, trust me, you will fall in love with yourself all over again, with every image that you click.

3. The Perfect Angle

Some angles make you look fat, while some make you stand out — you want to make the most of the latter one, right? The top angle usually works best and brings out a glow in your face. If you want to look tall, then click the picture from below but mind you, you may run the risk of a #DoubleChinAlert.

4. Good Lighting

Even with the many filters available now, natural light works best when in comes to any photos, even selfies! Bright, gorgeous images that don’t make you look pale is what you’ll get!

5. Shine With A Smile

The best ornament that any girl can wear is a smile. I know, clichéd but so true! The best human filter is the smile and no one can argue about that! And how to smile perfectly is something we should learn from the very stylish, very stunning Sonam Kapoor. In this new video for Colgate Visible White, Sonam asks us to celebrate Diwali with a dazzling white smile! After all, what’s a festive season without happiness? So, in order to nail the 10/10 selfie, smile like you don’t have a care in the world!


*This article is dedicated post in collaboration with Colgate Visible White Toothpaste. 


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