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5 Bollywood Movies That Show The Bhai-Behen Relationship In The Best Way

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I am blaming Bollywood for not having enough movies that portray the fun relationship a brother-sister share. Even in movies in which this sibling equation exists, it makes an appearance as a sub-theme. And of course, it’s sidelined, right? We just invest all our energy and attention on the love story! I mean, so what if my bro is an idiot most of the time? I will not hold the several times he has stolen my food or blackmailed me about my secrets against him. I know, these brothers may be annoying but they love you so much! Or so, I think. While we are celebrating this relationship, why not take time and revisit the movies, that depict the brother-sister relationship in the most inspiring ways? Here are 5 Bollywood movies that will make you want to go hug that dodo brother of yours!

Dil Dhadakne Do

Now, we may not be part of a big shot business family, but the kind of relationship Kabir and Ayesha shared is very relatable. Kabir wants to be a pilot, but being the boy, is pulled into the business. Meanwhile, Ayesha though filled with brilliant ideas, is rather sidelined because now she is married and part of another family. However, they are both seen supporting each other and pulling each other out of messy situations. What’s even more relatable is how they both have the shared experience of their family drama – both the funny and not-so-funny kind!

Hum Saath Saath Hai

It’s not like our bros treat us with too much affection. In fact, they’d go around annoying us till we throw the very bagel we’ve been peacefully enjoying, right at them! But Vivek (Mohnish Bahl), Prem (Salman Khan) and Vinod (Saif Ali Khan) from Hum Saath Saath Hai really do pamper their sister, Sangeeta (Neelam). She is like their heart and soul. So when she and her husband are going through a major tough phase, the brothers jump in to make things right. What love! Excuse me, what is the procedure to change brothers?

My Brother…Nikhil

The 2005 movie is based in Goa and is about a guy Nikhil (Sanjay Suri), who contracts HIV, back in the day when there wasn’t much awareness about the disease in India. At that point, he gets abandoned by his parents and his entire social circle. What makes it worse is that he is legally kept in forced isolation by law as the Goa Public Health Act allowed the government to isolate HIV positive people. However, his sister Anamika (Juhi Chawla) stands by him unnervingly until his last breath. After his demise, she starts an AIDS assistance organisation, along with Nikhil’s boyfriend Nigel (Purab Kohli). The way this brother-sister relationship is depicted in the movie is so inspiring, it made us cry an ocean of tears.


This movie explores the drama and shenanigans of twins, Max Dias (Shah Rukh Khan)and Shirley Dias based in Goa. Though Max is really over-protective and shit, and forces his sister to breakup from her boyfriend, their relationship overall is really heartening. Of course, twins have this really powerful bond that is unbreakable. And that’s exactly what you see – Max and Shirley are connected by an invisible thread for life. In fact they are not just siblings, but each other’s besties!

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Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na

This movie isn’t about the sibling equation between Aditi (Genelia D’Souza) and Amit (Prateik Babbar). It’s about that between Aditi and Jai (Imran Khan). However, it’s really difficult to ignore the relationship between the siblings. In the entire movie, you see them fighting like cats and dogs, and you think – okay, typical annoying bro! But when the two have a conversation and Aditi realises the reason behind her bro’s behaviour, it made us all think about our own. So, Aditi got so busy with her friends as she grew up, that she stopped spending enough time with her brother. And at some point, haven’t we all done that? When they had a heart-to-heart, I really felt that!

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