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10 Painfully Hilarious Things You Will Relate To If You’re A Foodie Trying To Diet

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As anyone will tell you, or anyone in their right mind will tell you, being on a diet is a pain. It’s the opposite of being in love. When you’re in love, everything feels like a beautiful dream, the mere mention of their name puts a smile on your face. You are practically floating, spreading joy and love around because you have both in abundance. On the other hand, when you’re on a diet, you basically become a loose cannon. You hate everything around you, and people feel like they are walking on thin ice. Which, at this point, will probably taste better that all the salads you’ve been having.

Sure, it’s tough, because don’t we all get our happiness from food? Like we aren’t talking about ragi cookies or salads but cheese-loaded fries, or a chocolate-dipped donut.  If you’ve been dieting too, know that you’re not alone. We are all in this together. Here are 10 things you can relate to when you’re on a diet. Or trying to be.

  1. Cardboard looks more appetising than your lunch

At this point, I will have a piece of paper, if you slather on the cheese!

  1. You begin eating from everyone’s dabba

When someone offers you fries out of formality but you lose all shame and end up eating more than half of their food. You aren’t even sorry.

  1. Your mood swings more than when you’re PMsing

When you’re on a diet, every day feels you are PMS-ing. Hangry is a legit emotion! And you go from calm to thunderous rage in mere seconds so everyone basically tiptoes around you.

  1. When someone mentions dessert, you just want to crumble

OMG, that’s like torture. Please take your cupcakes away! *devours the cupcakes because, f**k the diet*

  1. You don’t know how to socialise anymore

Dinner? You mean I have to watch all my friends have pizza while I force-feed myself a salad? No, thanks.

  1. Evenings are the worst

What do I eat? Samosa? Sandwiches? Why is everything tasty so unhealthy? I’ll just drink water.

  1. You get poorer and crankier

Why is anything organic so expensive? Money doesn’t buy you happiness, but who knew you could pay for getting sad AF? *cries while eating an expensive bunch of ghaas-poos*


  1. You feel like you’re being punished for your sins

Gluttony is a sin after all. This is me being punished for all those days of being on a food-spree. Forgive me, God. Bless me with carbs and sugar.

  1. And being deprived of your primary source of happiness

Who moved my cheese? Where do you find happiness when all you can eat tastes the same?

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  1. But when you lose your first kg, it’s sheer joy!

OMG, I can actually fit back into my favourite jeans. Fine, just one more month of dieting till I reduce a size.


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