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We Have To Adapt Our Relationships To This Quarantine. Let’s Talk A Tit Bit About That

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I have never loved being single more than I do right now. The reason for that is because being in a relationship while under lockdown in your house is a mammoth task. Yeah, you are probably going to say that true love finds a way and to that I say, snap out of your bubble.

Look, relationships are hard work as it is, but keep two people who are dating apart for 21 days and some really deep issues are going to surface. Now, I have been in and out of relationships most of adult life and take it from me, doing long distance is tough. That is not a concept that has been hyped up for no reason. I mean, there are so many communication issues and other underlying issues that are bound to surface no matter how far deep under the rug they were shoved.

Of course, it is different of married couples. Ironically, they have the opposite issue. If I would have to spend every waking moment with someone I would at some point be thirsty for their blood too (too graphic? Sorry). Getting stuck in a house together with your partner only sounds rosy but eventually, the “let’s snuggle and have a movie marathon” phase fades quickly and the rose coloured glasses come off.

But, what do I know I am just a happy little single person who doesn’t have to worry about things like where, why and how my partner is during these tough times. Nor will I have to go to jail for murder, so that is a bonus.

Not everyone is as lucky as I am. So, to find out how actual married and non-married couples are dealing with this rock in their love story called the 21-day lockdown, we spoke to a few women for our weekly TitBit podcast. The topic for this week, like I am sure you’ll have already guessed is love and sex in quarantine and these women gave us a whole lot of insight. Tune in, now!

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Some of them said they aren’t indulging in any sexual activity at the moment and are only enjoying this time with their partner by doing fun activities and talking. One woman said that this is the time that you can really get to know your partner, which I actually agree to. What better way to get to know someone than being locked in a house together?

Another woman said that since she and her boyfriend have been in a long-distance for a while, so this no meeting for 21 days thing, is not really a problem since they are used to not meeting for long periods of time. And someone else said that she and boyfriend have changed their schedules to fit in time to talk to each other over the phone at least twice a day. That is pretty good advice actually to everyone in similar situations.

I know no two relationships are the same and what might suit these women might not be suitable for you. But these are tough times for everyone, and it is essential that we stand by and support our partners right now and keep the communication going. So, hear them out, you might just find the solution you were looking for.

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