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This Young Doctor From Kerala Spent Her Wedding Day In The Corona Isolation Ward. These Guys Are The Real Heroes

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Let me ask you a question- would you be willing to put the needs of other people above the needs of your own? It is really something to think about because, during this whole coronavirus outbreak, that is exactly what the police and health care workers have been doing. They are literally saving thousands of lives right now and we need to be more than grateful.

These doctors and nurses have been working around the clock with infected patients and I don’t think we have fully understood the kind of sacrifices they have made. I am sure you have heard of the doctors and nurses who haven’t been home to see their families in days and those that are being kicked out of their houses because people fear they will pass on the infections. Which I find damn ridiculous.

Without caring for their own needs they have been working round the clock to care for others and I think that deserves more than just some applause. I mean, look at this young doctor from Kerala for example. She postponed her own wedding just so that she could be of service to her corona infected patients.

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Meet 23-year-old Dr Shifa M Mohammed who is a house surgeon at the Pariyaram medical college hospital in Kannur. 29th March was supposed to be Shifa’s wedding day, but she spent that day in the isolation ward. She decided to put on her protective gear instead of her wedding outfit because she believes the patients take first priority right now. Whoever said warriors only exist in fairytales has never met a doctor like Shifa.

She told her groom and parents that “Marriage can wait, not my patients who are struggling for their lives in isolation wards can’t”. When she told them this, both of them readily agreed to push the wedding.

When Shifa was asked about this decision of hers she said, “It is true, on marriage day I was in the corona ward and some of my friends teased me saying I was dressed in my best attire (PPE). But I always enjoy serving my patients. I don’t want to talk much about it as I did my duty only.”

The fact that she doesn’t describes this act as her duty speaks volumes about her. I think through this horrible ordeal of coronavirus, we have been very lucky to have doctors who are ready to drop everything to fight for us.

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Her father commended her on her decision and when asked he said, “When we approached the groom Anus Mohammad, a businessman in Dubai, he also readily agreed to it. I am a social worker and my wife is a teacher. Both my daughters have imbibed this spirit from our social work.”

Though I think this goes way beyond social work, I can’t tell for sure I would be able to do what Shifa did. Spending my wedding in a coronavirus ward just to help patients is a beautiful gesture on her part. She’s inspirational.

These are the kind of doctors that are on the frontlines of this war against corona. Let’s please give them the respect they deserve.

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