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Richa Chadha And Ali Fazal Were To Marry At The End Of April. With Their Plans Undone, They’re Giving Us Long Distance Relationship Goals

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I love Bollywood gossip. Don’t judge me, you know you also want to know what is actually happening in the lives of our favourite celebrities. There is something so entertaining about keeping up with their lives. I know that it isn’t right and that they too are entitled to their privacy but hey, there is nothing wrong with living vicariously through them, is there?

Bollywood celebrities are all kinds of goals- fashion, fitness, travel and of course, relationships. They live their lives to the fullest and it’s really amazing. But out of all those goals, if there is anyone that I wish I could enjoy is how they do relationships. Just look at Deepika and Ranveer or Anushka and Virat of Saif and Kareena, they are all seem so perfect for each other.

But one of my absolute favourite couples (yes, I have favorites sue me!) would have to be Ali Fazal and Richa Chadha. They are just so adorable around each other that it makes me wish I could find a relationship like theirs. I don’t know them personally so all I am basing this on is their Instagram posts about each other, but man are they aww-worthy or what?

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Everyone knows that they were supposed to tie the knot in the end of April end but considering the entire country is under lockdown, they had to postpone the wedding until the end of the year.

In a recent interview, Ali was asked about his wedding to Richa and he said, “Sabki life postpone ho gayi hai, shaadi toh… let’s see what comes out of this in the new world. I hope we come out as better people, a better system, a better climate. I think there’s a major churning happening above, below, inside and outside… everywhere. It’s definitely a time to reflect.”

Right now, though Ali admitted on missing Richa, they are both being responsible and quarantining in their respective homes while practicing social distancing. However, like the rest of us they too are connecting only over video calls. And while Ali is posting mushy things about missing his girlfriend, Richa is posting videos of their video call conversations.

The official statement that the two actors released through their spokesperson’s read, “Given the current scenario and the unfortunate turn of events owing to the COVID-19 pandemic globally, Ali Fazal and Richa Chadha have decided to postpone their wedding functions to the latter half of 2020 tentatively. They wish for everyone to be healthy and safe and at no cost would want their friends, families and well-wishers to be affected.”

Aren’t they perfect relationship goals? Also, they are literally the manual on how to do long distance right.

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