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Deepika Padukone Defends Posting Workout Videos During This Lockdown. Let People Post Whatever is Helping Them Stay Sane, FFS

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Coronavirus really needs to go away now because it has only 6 days of this 21-day lockdown and I am already starting to feel the restlessness and suffocation set in. No matter how productive I want to be during the day, I always end up just napping on my couch. I know this is for our safety but frankly, I am starting to forget what life before corona looked like.

Yes, I know it’s sad and my concerns might seem like complaints, but they aren’t. This is very scary unchartered territory for everyone, and I am just sharing my thoughts. While hundreds of thousands of people around our world are fighting for their life, we are still learning new things about the virus. Our new normal seems like the plot of a kickass post-apocalyptic movie, doesn’t it?

Despite all these fears, there are a few things in my new routine that keep me sane- video calls, card games, work and especially working out at home. When you are locked in your house, working out in a gym or at your local park is longer an option. And so you do the next best thing, work out at home.

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Though celebrities have received a lot of flak for posting their work out videos on social media, I fail to see what is wrong with that. And now, Deepika Padukone has defended posting work out videos on a Hangout interview with Rajeev Masand.

She said, “I know a lot of people have a problem with exercise videos that are going up, but to be honest, putting up exercise videos — rather, exercising, not putting up videos — it’s more about how you feel. It’s not really about how you look.”

I definitely agree with her. Right now, working out is not about losing weight or maintaining a slim body. It is about doing whatever you can to get you through this and if that consists of making workout videos and posting them, so be it. They should be allowed to post anything that makes them feel better about this whole situation without having to think about how others will perceive their posts. Besides, do you know how many people these celebrity workout videos motivate? Hundreds.

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However recently, filmmaker Farah Khan took to Instagram to ask them to stop posting these videos because according to her people have more serious concerns at this time.

She said, “Stop making your workout videos and bombarding us with it. I can understand that you all are privileged, and you do not have any other worries in this global pandemic except for looking after your figures. But some of us, most of us, have bigger concerns during this crisis. Toh please humare upar reham kijiye aur aapke workout videos bandh kar dijiye (So please have mercy on us and stop your workout videos). And if you can’t stop, then please don’t feel bad if I unfollow you.”

I won’t deny that most of us do that more grave concern about this pandemic but Farah’s request seems kind of unnecessary. How is stopping celebrities from showing off their home workouts going to make this situation any simpler? It makes no sense because wallowing in worry right now is definitely not the path you should choose to take.

These videos are motivating and what Deepika said about them makes sense. Let’s all watch these and maybe try and inspire ourselves to partake in home workouts of our own. It can only make us feel better.

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